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Techno- Report #100 - Reforestation is easy thanks to Waterboxx


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Reforestation is easy thanks to Waterboxx

Today I bring you a new system based on sustained reforestation of areas hit by deforestation or environmental problems that have ended up turning areas into arid places and without any possibility of being able to regenerate naturally, I'm talking about Waterboxx a plantation system of high technology that allows recovering desert areas turning them back into green and prosperous places. Come with me to learn more about this incredible technology.


Groasis Waterboxx is a plantation system capable of generating trees in areas of extreme aridity mainly deserts, and that is not the most interesting thing besides surviving more than 90% of the species planted only need 50 liters of water, a minimal amount compared to other similar systems, which makes this technology in the forefront of the best achieved for the goal of reforestation.


Waterboxx works in an optimal way during the night, generates water based on the natural process of condensation, as well as moderate rainfall in these environments of maximum heat, being a practically hermetic container allows the water to be conserved avoiding evaporation, in the same way, the roots of the growing plant are not damaged by the inclement action of the sun, in general terms the seedling can enjoy stability until it grows healthy and strong.


In this way, Waterboxx is responsible for increasing the chances of survival of the seedling if we take into account that in desert sites can be supplied with water constantly, especially in its first stage of life where it needs special conditions of hydration and protection of the main roots.
The system is capable of providing the plant with 15 liters of water gradually, has a circular container, and has a cone-shaped lid to collect as much as possible of the vital liquid that is deposited in the system mentioned above. Once the container is full a special valve supplies water to the plant in part of the plant and its roots.


Another interesting aspect of the device is its internal form of communication, is provided with a textile segment as a kind of rope plus a cardboard producing water communication by capillarity.
Currently the device has been tested in some deserts of the world as the desert of the Monosnegros in Spain, where the reforestation project has been a success, more than 90% of the trees have survived, one of the most important facts of the device is its construction of cardboard, since it is a 100% biodegradable device, the first prototype had been made with plastic. But the Dutch company owned by Pieter Hoff quickly thought of the greater sustainability of the product by radically changing the design of plastic for recycled cardboard.


Undoubtedly this is one of the advances that could mean a change in the model of managing the unnatural desert areas as a result of the devastation of man with his uncontrolled deforestation, in just 5 years have been planted more than 100,000 trees thanks to this technology that can provide security to return to have forests for the next generations. It is a matter of time and great investment by the private and public sector for this device to achieve its goal of generating more life.


WEBSITE waterboxx

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