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Amazing Nature #160 - Spiny flower mantis


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Spiny flower mantis

As I could not publish during the weekend, I will dedicate two more publications to the religious mantises, I imagine that they have liked the diversity and forms of each one of the copies that I have shown, today it is the turn of the thorny flower mantis, the mantis usually live among the vegetation, they have adapted very well to the changes of forms depending on where they live. Come with me to learn more about this incredible species.


Its scientific name is Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii and it is considered one of the most beautiful species of religious mantis, because of its camouflage capacity and because of its bright and intense colors, it has white color as a base decorated with green stripes. They can also be found between white and orange. It lives mainly in Africa, specifically in the Sahara desert.


Among its striking features are its purple eyes that can vary in tones depending on the lighting condition during the day, also in its design we can find a kind of false eye that aims to frighten other predators. This happens when the mantis thorny flower feels threatened flutters its wings to show on its wings the false eye that makes some potential predator flee immediately despite it is something dangerous.


In its stage of nymphs its color is black, and as it takes several phases to complete its development is not until the third phase when the mantis manage to change from black to a color between white, orange and pink, will depend on the color of the molts you make, its size is about 5 centimeters maximum.
As another mantis, these have enviable patience because they spend many hours still with oscillatory movements imitating the wind brushing the vegetation only to hunt their prey, they are only activated when a prey crosses in their way and activate their powerful arms, catching with force and immediately use their jaws to devour the victim. The only drawback is its reduced size which does not allow it to hunt very large prey, only adapted in proportion to its size and strength.


In its natural state must have a special condition of 30 degrees Celsius maximum to develop without problems, of all species of mantis does not require much moisture for survival, this is due to the place where it lives, one of the largest deserts in the world which has a low humidity, so the mantis flower thorny has managed to adapt to climatic conditions.
I believe that another of the common characteristics that this species has, is its cannibal behavior, specially developed by the female after having sexual relations, it eats the male. And the same can happen when you are close to your habitat. The female is very violent and aggressive especially if she has not eaten anything.


Between males and females there is a sexual dimorphism which is evident because females are larger than males, the problem is their slow development as a species, also do not lay eggs directly if not a sac called ootheca which is like a specialized system containing eggs, when born are not fully developed, are nymphs that must eat to develop. Late development, coupled with their cannibalistic behavior, and the fact that the male is proportionally much smaller than the female, has naturally made the mantis one of the most vulnerable species.


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