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Amazing nature #67 - Amazing rock-shaped marine organism


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For today I bring you the strangest animal I have undoubtedly been able to investigate in a long time, is really so rare that it does not even look like an animal, but rather looks like a rock, it is a marine invertebrate that inhabits the coasts of Peru and Chile, is popularly known as the bleeding stone its appearance is very similar to a rock, join me to know a little about this incredible creature.


Its scientific name is Pyura Chilensis and it is very popular in mollusk markets because unfortunately, this animal loves to cook it in typical dishes.


It was practically unknown worldwide until different media made public the wonders of this animal that has a thick layer of tunicina that is just what helps it survive, and within these layers is that the organism is found as such.


It has 2 holes used to exhale and another to inhale and connects this species to the ocean, feeds like other species by microfiltration of water where they are trapped edible algae, and in turn are attached to their mucus that has in the pharynx, before it returns with the normal cycle of breathing.


His pharynx is connected to the digestive system, his blood is almost transparent and has a high concentration of vanadium, something that has had scientists immersed in intense studies to know why the animal concentrates this substance.


They have the amazing ability to reproduce by themselves, this evolution probably happened because they have no mobility, and if they move is through ocean currents, bone is impossible for this animal to move alone from one place to another to be able to reproduce, so this means it is hermaphrodite, with the gonads of a male and a female who can release eggs and sperm simultaneously. For fertilization, they use a fertile cloud in the surrounding water.
Male is born before becoming hermaphrodite, this is because the sperm-egg must collide to produce fertilization that in its first phase is like a tadpole that eventually sought a rock to form until it reaches adulthood and continues with the reproductive cycle.


The cruel part is that it is highly priced in the markets for consumption, being served as typical dishes.
If you compare it with other mollusks it looks a lot like sea urchins, another marine animal that I will talk about in another publication because I also find it fascinating.


A curious fact is that within the press reports that made several media, expressed that the stone was alien as if it were a species of another planet, the truth is that the biodiversity in species is so great that many years will pass by when the resources are exhausted and continue to present this section of amazing nature.


I am deeply concerned that marvelous species which have lived for millions of years without human interaction, in less than 100 years are on the verge of disappearing because of the strange and refutable habit of eating human flesh, which has neither teeth nor claws to prove that in its evolution it must ingest this kind of food, and if we base natural life, natural predators have never managed to extinguish any species, it is all part of a perfect survival mechanism in which some seem to be stronger than others, but the reality is that everyone needs everyone in order to live.

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