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Scot Sites' Battle for Traffic


6 months ago2 min read

As ever more tribes pop up on Steem, powered by Scot and Steem-Engine, I wondered who will eventually get the traffic for each post.

I noticed that Steemians love submitting their content now with multiple Scot site tags, that in order to dilute accumulate as many tokens as possible.


But, aside from the fact that tribes can hope to grow their audience via social promotion... who will eventually get the organic Internet traffic?

Which site, and thus token, will come out on top of it in terms of traffic?

In other words, who has Google's canonical bonus?

I was lazy, that mostly because my suspicions were confirmed as expected, and thus checked only one URL.

A post about #SportsTalk, which also happened to be tagged #PalNet and #SteemLeo.

The organic search engine traffic to that post will lead to... Because aside from accumulating as many tribe tokens as possible, the author wasn't stupid and benefitting a larger following also loves the Busy loyalty upvote.

And who could blame them.

In other words, Steemians stay in your eSteem/Surfer, Partiko, Busy, Steempeak or Steemit [gasp] interface of preference and let the token operators worry about how they will EVER attract traffic to their own site, all while everyone accumulated diluted tokens and all Scot tribe sites are DOA when it comes to organic SEO traffic.

All but those Steem interfaces without Scot tokens (so far).

I guess for the sake of solidarity I should also tag this post #NeoxAG.


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