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This is us, fivefingergames GmbH!


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Who are we?

We are a aspiring indie game development studio based in lower Bavaria, Germany.

As a team of three we develop games with innovative technologies, and wanted to start in the Steem world, as one of us (@mwfiae) has already rooted here.


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Lukas Anetsberger (@cloud925)Martin Wagner(@mwfiae)Michael Baudler(@mrbandler)
CEO & Co-FounderCFO & Co-FounderCTO & Co-Founder
I am groot!Trust me I am an engineer a nerd!The answer is 0010 1010.

What do we do?

Our core goal is to develop 3D multiplayer mobile games on the Steem blockchain. We want players to have fun playing our games while making a buck at the same time.

The current project we are working is called: SteemKnights (@steemknights). Which you can expect to launch in open beta at the end of September 2019!

Read more in the SteemKnights introduce-yourself-Post

And why?

Well, first of all we all want to take our passion of gaming to the next level by developing games that we would want to play. In the long run we want to establish a self-sustaining game studio which develops bigger titles on blockchain based technologies.

What's the plan?

To achieve the above the following bullet points are the rough plan:

  • SteemKnights Release
  • Witness Server
  • Steem Gaming Wallet
  • Next Game Ideas (can be partially influenced by you, drop by the Discord)
    • Idle Tower Defense
    • RTS MMO
    • Traditional Board Games
    • Strategy Board Game
  • Mikogami! 😉
  • And many more to come...

In the future we also want to create our very own Steem based tokens for use in our games.

Be sure to drop by the Discord server if you have any questions.

Have fun, Steem on and stay tuned for our future projects!

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