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Which Are Your Favourite Use Cases For Cryptocurrency?


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Over the past few months a few discussions with friends have resulted in this question coming up in my conversations. I've had a few friends ask me which is my favourite use case for cryptocurrency. I've not been able to narrow it down to something that I can think of definitively.


The reason being is this. I live in India. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender and therefore I cannot legally pay for goods and services. The countries I have travelled most either accepted cash or cards, barring a couple of them where perhaps I could have used cryptocurrencies had I visited the right place.

Therefore most of the time I can only think of paying for foods or purchasing something online in a country which accepts cryptocurrency. The regular use cases perhaps.

My general use case is simply speculation. I like to have my cryptocurrencies make a bit more money every day for me. That's one for starters and that's usually what I answer. Because let's face it, that's what 99.99% of the people in cryptos are here to do.

But beyond that I'd like it to be as easy as using Google pay or PayTM to make a transaction at the local merchant which happens instantly. In case of Google Pay it debits my bank account while I can load PayTM balance with my credit card. It really needs to be this simple to reach the masses.

For me to use cryptocurrencies on a every day basis I need merchants to accept them as well which is far from realisation in India. But that's not the case everywhere else. I've heard of people paying for real estate with Bitcoin which in my opinion is definitely one of the cooler use cases. You can also buy flight tickets with Bitcoin today.

I also love being able to use a service such as to trade Bitcoin for Gold. That's another interesting use case which I have used in the past and likely that I will use it again if the need arises. Btcjam was a micro-lending service which since then has shutdown I guess.

But we're a few thousand users here, and it would be amazing to get a few responses on your favourite use cases for Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies out there. I have paid for a burger at Malaysia using STEEM which is one of the coolest things I have done with it in recent memory.

But let's hear it from you now.

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