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Use Exchangewar To Compare Cryptocurrency Exchanges


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This is an interesting website that allows one to compared different trading platforms. The data is collected from 144 digital token trading platforms from 48 countries across the world today. They even update the data every 10 minutes to maintain it's accuracy.

You can find information on supported pairs of various cryptocurrencies as well as top pairs by volumes. They also display volumes by 24 hours. You can learn more about fake volumes on trading exchanges in my earlier post here.

The platform also provides you useful filtering options which you can select from a drop down at the top of the site. You can select pairs such as BTC/USD for example. It will display all the exchanges that will trading of such pairs. You can find STEEM related information as well.

They have a column that lists features provided by various platforms. In crypto space many platforms provide features such as margin trading, peer-to-peer trading, lending features, escrow and loyalty programs. It will also list those platforms which have stop loss, limits, F&O (futures and options) contracts, leverage capabilities and others.

You can visit the website by click on this link here. If you've used this website before and found it useful please leave your feedback about this platform in the comments below.

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