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Another Saturday is here with us again, and I never thought I would make it from bed this early on this day since I came home so tired and couldn’t even feel my hands. Since Monday till now I have been writing like hell. From 7am -5pm my hands have always been busy registering people to be a citizen.



My arms have been paining but if you have something at heart you move it to the end, and never give up on it. But as I slept, a call came up and I know many of you know what that call means on Saturday morning. So I picked up and it was our secretary, she was waiting at our junction for me.

In as much as I had to get to work early today, I wanted to tell her to move today without me but I wasn’t able to do so and all I remember saying was “I am coming”. In no time I was with her at our junction and she looked me in the eyes and said I know you have a busy day today but never worry. You will be home in no time to get to them.

I smiled back and we went round to pick 2 other guys in our fun club and I tell you, it was cool. In no time we met the other team at our starting point and we went on with jogging as usual. Jogging was fun today since I was all over teasing others.

We did about 14km today and I did some small aerobics with them , when the secretary came up and said your time is up and you need to get home for your other work. She dropped me back home and waited until I finished everything. Then she drove me right to the door way of my job today.

I just thanked her and went straight to continue my writing work. Have a great weekends and never do what you don’t want others to do to you to anyone you meet today.

Good life, live it well.


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