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Lessons I learned after getting completely REKT at casino


9 months ago10 min read

First of all I want to throw a disclaimer: I do not encourage or discourage gambling. It is what it is and you can make lots of money as well as loose all. I write this to share my experience which could help newbies and would-be gamblers, as well as avoid people from entering this kind of activity.

Before I began to gamble I had been a few months diving into the crypto world. I had received a small inheritance from my deceased grandma, and wanted to make an investment so I gave a shot at trading.

I made some good trades and some bad ones, and overall my account wasn’t growing in numbers, it just remained the same. Since it was time consuming I was putting all my energy in learning and trying different strategies, and stopped working (I was baking bread independently at the time).

As months passed by, my backup funds started to deplete and the deadline for paying the rent approached. I started feeling that this whole trading business just wasn’t going to help me to move forward and pay my bills.


It was then I saw a YouTube video about how you could stake WIN tokens at to get daily divs from the casino earnings. I thought it was a good idea to leave my money there and go back to working until I had built up some decent profit.

I went to loaded with some WIN tokens which weren’t all of my assets, but just to test the platform and see if things were real. The thing is, I got tempted to gamble. I had never gambled before and wasn’t very interested, but I spared a little bit of WIN and staked the rest.

With the small amount I had spared, I played some dice. I thought that there should be some mathematical way to increase your probabilities of winning and started trying out different strategies. It was a small amount, so fuck it, I didn’t mind losing it so much and the idea was to have a little fun.

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The thing is I started winning. And after a small while I had tripled my original amount. I got into a brainless hype and started thinking, “shit, this is the way I’m going to solve my financial problems”.


After a while of winning I started losing, and the game went into highs and lows. Sometimes I would get back to my max profit, but from there I would start to fall to mi initial amount. This gave me the confidence that I wasn’t going to lose it all, but that I needed to tweak my strategy a bit to be able to win more than the max profit I was hitting.

After changing the way I was playing I lost everything. I blamed the loss on having changed my strategy but remained convinced that I had found a great way to improve my financial situation and attain the economic freedom I had always dreamed of. Traveling the world and having the resources for funding great projects was just a few rolls away.


The next day I went to Binance, exchanged some of my remaining assets for TRX, which I learnt was better for playing in the casino since it allowed you to mine DICE tokens which added to the daily divs.

It was nearly 500 TRX, so it was still a small amount but a lot bigger than the first handful of WIN I had gambled. This time I began playing Moon, which consists on a chart looking game where an arrow starts rising and giving out multipliers that can reach even 9999X. If you stop it before it stops, you win.

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I tried some strategies there and once again I was winning. All my strategies were aimed at making small profits constantly, I never aimed for high multipliers. It was working nicely until I met “Rekt Mode” for the first time.

By the way, if someone doesn’t know what rekt means, its an intentional misspelling of wrecked, and it means you’re broke and destroyed financially. When Rekt Mode starts, Moon will start throwing tons of 1X multipliers, which means no matter what you bet, you lose. Of course this isn’t announced, it just starts happening.

Many times, when Rekt Mode finishes, Moon will give a nice multiplier in compensation such as 100X or 500X, even 1000X. This tempts you to try and guess when this big numbers are coming. So I start chasing those big ass moons and curiously, when you chase them they never come.

Of course I learnt this after making the mistake of chasing for hours, losing all my TRX. Once again I had something to blame, “I lost because I chased the high moons, next time I play I won’t make the same mistake”.

I was convinced this time I was going to make it and came back to the casino with 4K TRX. I had seen as many played high amounts such as 1000 TRX but with small multipliers like 1.5X, winning 500 TRX when successful. What I didn’t consider is that those guys were whales that didn’t give a shit about losing 1000 TRX.

I played this way twice and lost both times. 2000 TRX lost really hurt me, financially and emotionally. That was when I kind of lost it, angry at my rotten luck I started to rage bet and lost the 2000 remaining TRX in less than an hour.

That day I was ready to give up. I didn’t want lose my remaining money but I just couldn’t let go of the idea that I had won profits before and that it was possible to do it if I did it based on a slow steady strategy.

Finally I decided to mine as much DICE as I could to get some nice daily divs, and try to make profits gambling with those. I came back to with an additional 4K TRX and played the dice with the easiest number to get (over 4).

When you play like that you win many times, but the profit is so miserable that if you lose just once you end up losing anyway. I said “fuck it”, and decided to burn my TRX in return for DICE so at least it would serve as savings for the future.

This didn’t last long because I started noticing “patterns” on the dice rolls. High numbers would come together as would the low ones. I also observed streaks in the middle numbers. Of course I got tempted to gamble based on this observation.

As usual, the first results were great and begin winning lots. But after a while it just didn’t work and my balance started to free fall, along with my mood and hope for any dream coming true.


The next days I came up with many strategies and they all were successful for a while, and finally crashed at the end. One day I went from 2000 TRX to 12000 TRX just doing a single strategy, which I think that is the best one but you need a huge bankroll to resist when things get ugly.

The strategy consisted in always playing multipliers higher than 3X, and everytime you lost you would raise the bit adding half of its previous value. That means if you bet 10 on a roll and miss, the next one you will bet a 15, next a 22, then a 33, afterwards 49 and so on.

It works because because if you miss on 10, and win on 15 on 3X you get 20 profit (15x3= 45 .minus your bet = 30, minus your previous miss = 20). Despite how many times you lose, you will always get 20 if you started from a 10. If you start from a 20 you will get 40 profit, and so forth.

Sometimes this would demand raising my bets to very uncomfortable amounts but I luckily they came through. Until they didn’t.

You see, the missing streaks can go for so long they defy statistics. And so I was at 12K TRX feeling very confident, until a losing streak just went on, and on, and on. It got to the point where I had to bet 3.3K, which meant I had already gone down to 6K with the loses.

I just didn’t have the balls to do it, and gave it up. The fucked up thing was I betted 10 to start over and boom, it hit. Now I wonder if it would of hit had I betted the 3.3K. Perhaps not.

Bottom line, I tried many things and won many times until finally I lost. I got completely broke, and after much time of economic independence I was forced to ask for a loan. The worst luck of this story is that during the time I was playing at the casino I looked everywhere for some platform where you could invest your crypto and grind your way into earnings.

For some reason, Steemit never came up in my search and I find it only now that my situation is pretty nasty. Better late than never I guess. Man, if I had found this I would of put all my money into Steem Power.

So is the casino rigged? Most think so. Others argue that they have actually made great profits and are professional gamblers. I don’t know the truth, however I know some things for certain that I will avoid in the future if I ever gamble again and that anyone should consider not doing.

1- Heavy gambling is for those who already make a stable living and big bank rolls, they can get through the bad streaks without losing everything in the attempt. Don’t try to imitate the whales if you are a plankton.

2- Strategies work, until they don’t. Whether it’s because the casino is rigged or because shit happens, I don’t know. Don’t think because something worked for a while it will work forever.

3- Avoid greed at all costs. If you managed to win a 25% or 50% profit, walk away. Take a break. Just like trading, you have to place a take profit and stop loss. Countless times I doubled my bankroll and kept playing, until I lost it all. This seems obvious but believe me, it’s hard to practice.

4- Your mental state and mood influences the results. When I got sour about how I was doing, everything that came afterwards was just pure mayhem.

I remember one day I played while drinking wine with my girlfriend and we had a blast. I won a lot of money that day. If I ever gambled again I would choose one particular day, with alcohol and great music, only with an amount of money I can spare.

5- From the previous we can gather that its a bad idea to gamble everyday. The tiredness involved and tensions accumulated will surely lead you into getting rekt.

6- Gambling makes the poor poorer and the rich richer. If you are having a hard time with your bills, stay away from gambling.

7- Never rage bet. If you feel slightly angry walk away or you WILL lose.

8- Frustration and tension tend to make you forget who you are and what your natural self is. Never forget this, for it is priceless, and no amount of money is worth trading it for.

So that’s it folks. Thank you for enduring me in this long rambling about gambling. Hope it helps in some way and appreciate the feedback on your own experiences with this hellish form of entertainment. Till next time!


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