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Alien encounter while tripping on 2-ce


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Image by Comfreak

Initiating psychonauts and people unexperienced in the psychedelic world may not have knowledge that there are a myriad of different chemical substances able to induces this states of consciousness.

The most commonly known is LSD, though it is not the most commonly used because it is one of the hardest to get due to the strict prohibition that exists upon it.

However, chemists from all over the world are constantly developing new substances that offer entrance to the psychedelic realms, each with their unique personalities and “flavors” to put it in way.

One of the substances I have most experience with is 2-ce, mainly because my friend and dealer would give me large batches so I could sell and consume back in the days.

I must admit I might of abused a bit, however it never got out of hand because every time I started overdoing it the trips got dark, low vibrational and simply were shitty experiences.

That’s one of the beauties of psychedelics, that you just can’t get hooked because they can get very unpleasant if you take too much.


Image by darksouls1

Most of the psychedelics I have consumed seem to slow down time, giving you a larger grip on the expanding reality you are beginning to live. On the other hand, 2-ce is like a racing horse that throws you into this crazy wacky ride from which at some point you usually wanna get off.

For the occasion I am about to tell, I did my best to avoid movement and visual stimulation, thinking I could slow things down a bit.

After dissolving the 2-ce crystals into a glass of water I sipped it down and went to bed. I was very much into the practice of astral projection at the time, so I placed my earphones on and played some binaural sounds.

A while passed and I started to feel quite uncomfortable, like my body just wasn’t in the right place. I did my best to stay put and after a while it payed off because I began to feel extremely relaxed.

I don’t know when things started escalating so fast, it was like one moment I was very alert and the next I was literally floating in a massive space of nothingness. Welcome to the Void.

Before me some smokey looking patterns started emerging and I had a very wide vision that went from over my head, to my toes.

In a very organized manner, dots of light started appearing from up to down, and after each dot appeared the smokey waves would turn a color which seemed to me very much like the chakras (the top color was purple and the bottom was red).


Image by Activedia

I remember clearly that they were 12 dots in total, and synchronically after a while I read there are actually 12 main chakras instead of the typical 7 that are shown.

Afterwards the colors faded and I began floating in increasing speed, sort of being sucked somewhere until everything just faded. The next thing I saw where many screens showing different parts of a body which I assume was mine.

Each screen had numbers and some kind of “stats” about the organ it displayed. I saw myself lying in kind of extremely technological hospital room and humanoid beings came and went checking me out and using some kind of computers to input data.

This looks stone age compared to where I was:


Image by ZahidJavali

The humanoids were pale and their skulls where long in an upward sense. I suppose they resembled images of the Arcturian race. They wore long robes and seemed very serious about what they were doing.

This went on for a while until I started feeling my head swelling and some alarm started to sound flashing red lights all over the room. After that I opened my eyes and was back in my room.

The rest of the trip went on with tons of other images, telepathy with my friends, esoteric knowledge dripping all over my senses, you know… typical psychedelic weirdness. After a while it came to that point in 2-ce when you’re asking yourself, “How do I turn this off”? After all, the effects last up to 12 freakin’ hours.

I didn’t know what to make of the experience. Where they taking care of me? Am I part of some alien experiment? Was I created by them? Am I still me or was I modified into something else? I confess I felt kind of dirty afterwards, like I might just be some kind of machine being used for unknown purposes.

Anyway, it’s been a while since then and I’ve come to terms with whatever happened. It’s a crazy multiverse and we’re still lightyears from truly understanding what the fuck is going on. At this point, I’m grateful I got to live some crazy shit, see aliens and get to experience a fraction of this infinite mystery.

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