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Why your crypto sucks.


11 months agoBusy2 min read

Since I am complaining a lot about Steem and Steemit, I felt like giving my opinion on all other coins.

Because of the latest byteball airdrop, I had to experience the next crypto.
This is also a reason I stopped mining: I could not be bothered to go through another wallet. I am trying to be responsible and usually use a fresh flash drive OS for each wallet software. With this method, copies are important. It takes some time to set it all up, I need to store and secure the flashdrives ...
For a 20$ airdrop, it is simply not worth breaking my security protocol.

After I had some requests, I tried participating in the airdrop - (reflink gang)
It took me some time and I made a few mistakes and after 5 minutes I had enough.
There is a good reason, that crypto mass adaption (tm) is not happening:
The usual coins are too complicated.

Most people do not want to install a new app for every coin, securely store their passwords and keys and whatnot and learn a new software just to pay a coffee. Credit card online payment services do not work with a separate app, neither.

There are a ton of issues with Steem, but things like steemconnect, the obligatory webwallet ( aka and the fastest transaction times on the block make this currency different. You do not have to install anything. At first, most people do not even realize, that they are using to directly interact with a blockchain.
And the kicker: This blockchain actually offers some unique and valuabe features; You can make immutable transactions, that can include text, html and custom JSON.

As far as I am aware, nobody else offers anything even close to this.

Unless your coin has a solid use-case like posting, private transactions, or is so popular that I can use it to buy something, I do not need your coin and will not install your software.

Steem rules*

*If you are working on a clone however, I am very interested


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