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My Thoughts on Charity


9 months agoBusy2 min read

A while ago, a lot of people made a post with this exact title.
Apparently, that was part of some challenge around @steemarity.
Nobody asked me.

Today, I want to give you my thoughts on charity.
Even though nobody asked for it.

Organized charity is shit.

Imagine being a farmer in a developing country.
Imagine some random charity organisation dropping a truckload of food in your village and how that would ruin your business.
That is, if the charity organization has any funds left after paying their offices, wages and other expenses.

Out of all places, why would anyone go asking for funds for such a charity organization on Steem ?

It is 2018.

We have this amazing blockchain.

Apart from possible tax returns, nothing should stop you from just picking a Steemian individually and helping them directly.
No transaction fees and 1.5 s average transaction times.

I have funded some different steemians with small sums during the last two years and it is actually very entertaining. I can recommend it.

Compare 100 $ given away to a well known charity to the 11$ in Steem rewards for this man's project:
( already better actors than in the movie trailer that caused me a temporary hearing loss @steemfest II )

We might not see them on TV tomorrow, but we can simply watch and reward any updates on the progress - right here on Steem.
We can cut all other parties out and just send funds anywhere in the world.

That is the very purpose of crypto currencies.

Charity agencies are outdated.


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