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my first webapp: steessenger


10 months agoBusy

I have been busy the last weeks.

In a a marathon effort, I have learned some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Today, I am proud to present my first web app ever, even though it is far from finished.

Not even the most basic functions work, but you can see something.
I am very happy about that.

Introducing steessenger

It is a single, flat, HTML file and should run in all browsers.
So far only the login and initial loading of messages works.

Please have a try !

I make things up as I go - which is probably not the best workflow - and I got stuck with layout design decisions again, before I can continue to add more functions.

I could need some user feedback and suggestions on how to layout the next few elements of the design.

Please have a look at github and comments in the code !

Any help is welcome, contact me in Discord:

Thank you,



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