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Weekly overview of the bug-hunting category- week 59, 2019


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This is a report on the weekly contributions to the bug hunting category. The post contains basic stats like the number of contributions received by the category, an excerpt on new contributors if there are any and a detailed comparison of the week's output with previous weeks.

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Previous Reports

Bug hunting contributions summary

  • Week 59: February 7th - February 14th
  • 9 Contributions, 8 scored higher than 0
  • An average score of 56.63
  • 7 unique contributors
  • 1 Staff Pick

The contributions

@nawab69some-server-doesn-t-work-on-esteem-v2-and-steemconnect-login-display-half-screen-with-no-adressbareSteem v247
@erikahbug-esteem-mobile-2-0-8-push-notificationesteem v248
@louis88wrong-links-on-own-profile---drop-down-links-for-reply-bookmark-and-shareesteem v265

This week we had 9 contributions, same as last week. The esteem app is still the project with the most contributions. This week its desktop version 2.0.5 and mobile version 2.0.8, each received 3 contributions.

8 of the 9 reports were scored higher than 0.

The highest scored contribution was by @embreyeler, the report was staff picked by @tobias-g. The report stated that:

Hivemind backed reports invalid/missing following data for some of the accounts. (In comparison to a full node)

According to the reviewer, the level of detail the contributor added both within the contribution and inside the GitHub issue, will considerably reduce the level of investigation required by any developer looking into it.

You can find the contribution here -

Weekly Average Score and number of Contributions



Chart breakdown:

  • The average score this week is 56.63
  • The average score is approximately 10% higher than the 4 week average of 50.87.
  • This week's average is higher than the 4-week average by 5.76.
  • It is higher than last week's average of 55.75 by 0.88, that is 1.55% higher. Overall we can say that the quality of contributions increased this week by 1% or more.

Hunter Totals and Average



  • This week we had 7 unique contributors, 1 less than last week
  • There were 2 reports each from @louis88 and @erikah. 1 each from the other 5.
  • @horpey is still the category's top contributor with 12 finds. That is 12 finds since the start of the year, he's closely followed by @blockchainstudio with 11
  • Approximately 33% of the contributions were scored higher than the week's average

Reports Reviewed By Reviewer




The category has received 70 contributions this year, 2019. 64 were rewarded and scored higher than 0. However, in the past 4 weeks, there were 39 bug reports scored higher than 0. These 39 were assessed by 2 reviewers.

Average review scores in the past 4 weeks
  • @fego has reviewed 26 contributions with an average score of 51.71.
  • @tobias-g has reviewed 13 contributions with an average score of 49.19.

Common Mistakes And How To Fix Them

I will be highlighting the common mistakes found this week, and I will be offering tips on how to avoid them in future contributions. The tips will depend solely on the scores received by the contributions in a particular week.

1. Contributions scored 0

The issue you reported is OS related and is therefore not the application's fault. The operating system does not support this particular feature.

  • My advice for cases like this is - wait for the PO to affirm your observations. I know most times the project owners are too busy and do not respond in a reasonable time.

And so you are pushed to post on utopian without them first acknowledging whether an observed behavior is a bug or an intended.

It can be frustrating but I'd still advise that hunters in the future should wait for the PO's thoughts, especially in cases where the details behind the implementation in question are sketchy.

2. Contributions with a score below 60

The contributor made no efforts to pinpoint the cause, or applied incorrect methods in searching for it.

  • To avoid being scored in the questionnaire with this option, I will advise hunters to comb through the app's repo. Search the repo using a keyword related to the affected feature, it could be the name of the function itself. If found, analyze the block of code behind the function's implementation. Check for syntax and logical errors, document your findings.

Other News

While the new guidelines are yet to be implemented, bug-hunters and open source enthusiasts looking to help open source projects, please take a look at our whitelist of projects that you can submit bug reports for:

If you wish to have your open source projects added to our whitelist you can contact us on our help channel at our discord server. You can also leave your questions and comments below :)




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