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Weekly overview of the bug-hunting category- week 53, 2018


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This is a report on the weekly contributions to the bug hunting category. The post contains basic stats like the number of contributions received by the category, an excerpt on new contributors if there are any and a detailed comparison of the week's output with previous weeks.

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Previous Reports

Bug hunting contributions summary

  • Week 53: December 27th - January 3rd
  • 2 Contributions, 2 scored higher than 0
  • An average score of 76.5
  • 2 unique contributors
  • no new contributors
  • a new project added to the whitelist

The contributions

@stmdevBeem-0.20.14: beempy verify --use-api fails with TypeErrorbeem85
@blockchainstudio[Bug fix] Incorrect vote value due to incorrect voting powerbusy.org68

This week we had just 2 contributions. It must have been because of the holidays, we can say the bugs roamed free while the hunters were at rest :)

The 2 reports were scored higher than 0. @stmdev's submission was to the beem project, he noticed that that -

beempy verify --trx [trx_num] --use-api [block_num] raises a TypeError.


The problem, in this case, was that the corresponding raw transaction data was parsed already and timestamp strings were replaced by datetime objects. The TransactionBuilder class used to load that transaction tried to JSON-serialize these objects and failed. By passing the raw JSON transaction data to the TransactionBuilder class instead of the preprocessed data, the class can properly serialize the data.

stmdev would go on to make a pull request that implemented this fix.

@blockchainstudio observed that the vote value on was being shown incorrectly.

The voting power Steem API provides is the voting power updated on the last vote. Thus to get the correct voting power, we need to calculate the time passed since the last vote and adjust the actual voting power. doesn't use that update for the vote value.

He also made a pull request that fixed the error.

Weekly Average Score and number of Contributions



We can see that the average score of 76.5 is approximately 18.5% higher than the 12 week average of 62.375. This week's average is 14.125 higher than the 12-week average and 5.79 higher than last week's average of 70.71.

Hunter Totals and Average




@stmdev and @blockchainstudio were the only contributors we had this week. @mightypanda is still the top contributor with 6 finds, closely followed by blokachianstudio and tobias-g with 5 finds each.

The 2 contributions received this week were scored 68 and 85 respectively, and were both higher than the 12 week average of 62.375.

Reports Reviewed By Reviewer



The 37 contributions received by the category in the past 12 weeks were assessed by 4 reviewers. 28 were rewarded and scored higher than 0.

  • @sachincool have now reviewed 2 contributions (40, 40) with an average score of 40.
  • @fego have reviewed 22 contributions with an average score of 63.67.
  • @tobias-g have reviewed 11 contributions with an average score of 58.42.
  • @crokkon have reviewed 2 contributions, with an average score of 85.

eSteem Mobile V2 added to the whitelist

project nameproject repo
esteem mobile v2

@good-karma announced the release of eSteem V2 and they are looking for testers. You can find the post here -

The new repository -, have been added to the whitelist replacing the old repo link. You can check it out :)

While the new guidelines are yet to be implemented, bug-hunters and open source enthusiasts looking to help open source projects, please take a look at our whitelist of projects that you can submit bug reports for:

If you wish to have your open source projects added to our whitelist you can contact us on our help channel at our discord server. You can also leave your questions and comments below :)




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