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Getting started with wallets and crypto in Gods Unchained


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This came directly from my post on the Gods Unchained subreddit a month ago. Some of the information here is a little out of date (mainly being able to buy Genesis card packs), but I felt like it could still help out new players to the game just as it did when I posted it to the subreddit. Once the next expansion comes out, the information on buying card packs will again be useful to new players!


Unlike many other digital card games, in Gods Unchained you actually own the cards you have as well as other assets. In many other digital card games you don't actually own your cards, the company that makes the game does. You simply have the "right" to use them even if you spent your hard earned money on them. If at any time the company decides to ban your account , you could permanently lose access to your cards since they're tied to your account. In Gods Unchained your cards are stored in your "wallet" so even if your account was to get banned, you'd still own your cards. Since you actually own your cards in Gods Unchained, you'll be able to buy and sell them for real money! Pretty cool, huh?

Speaking of wallets, lets talk about what they are. Wallets act a lot like how a real world wallet does, it simply stores things of value that you own. In our case, that can be Ether (a form of digital currency, aka cryptcurrency) , cards, raffle tokens, trinkets, or other assets. Having your Gods Unchained cards and assets stored in your wallet is what actually gives you ownership over them. Immutable (the team behind Gods Unchained) has no control over your wallet at all, you do! As you buy and/or earn cards and other assets they get put into your wallet.

If you haven't signed up for Gods Unchained yet, feel free to use my beta key and sign up here:

Setting up your wallet:

Setting up your wallet is simple. For Gods Unchained, we'll be using Metamask. To get a Metamask wallet, let's head over to . Once you're there, click on get Chrome extension (or the extension/add-on that's appropriate for your browser) and add it to your browser. Within the extension, click on " Create a wallet" on the right side to create your wallet. The next page you'll see is about improving Metamask, whatever you choose is up to you, for our purposes it doesn't really matter. Next, it'll ask you to setup a password for your wallet. If you've created accounts before this is nothing new, just make sure you don't forget your password. On the next page, it'll tell you your secret backup phrase. Write this down somewhere and store it in a safe place. If you ever lose access to your wallet, you'll need your secret backup phrase to restore it. Without it, you'll lose access to your wallet forever! The next page will ask you to put in your secret backup phrase to confirm you know it, so go ahead and do that. If you've already signed up for Gods Unchained, it might ask you to connect your wallet to your Gods Unchained account so go ahead and do that. Once that's done your wallet is all setup and connected to your account!

Buying Cards and other assets:

There's a couple of ways to do this. For this tutorial, we'll use the quick and easy method. We'll be using Nifty Gateway which allows you to buy cards directly with credit/debit card. First, head over to to purchase card packs. Once you've clicked on what packs you want to buy and how many, you'll see some popups. The first will ask you to sign up for Nifty so go ahead and do that. Next, Metamask may ask you to sign in, if so do that now, otherwise click on the Connect button to connect your Nifty account with your Metamask wallet. From here, you'll simply put in your credit/debit card details and complete the transaction. Your card packs will be sent to you. You can open them from within Gods Unchained!

Buying packs isn't necessary, but having a wallet is since that's where your cards, raffle tokens, trinkets, and other assets will be stored!


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