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Suggestions category - Weekly report: #17


3 months ago6 min read

This is a weekly report of the Suggestions category. It contains basic stats, tips and interesting open source projects to start contributing. Also, I will show you the most common mistakes of this week and how to fix them.

In this post:

  • Category summary
  • Top scored contributions
    • Contest for the Suggestions category
  • Common mistakes and how to fix them
  • Interesting open source projects
  • Useful posts

Category summary


  • Week: 6 (from Feb. 7 to Feb.14)
  • There were 7 contributions and 6 have a chance of being rewarded, or have already been rewarded.
  • The average score was 51.5
  • There were a total of 6 unique contributors in the category.

Number of reviewed and rewarded contributions

Average score

Number of reviews by Moderator

As we can see in the charts, the number of contributions is decreasing over the weeks but the average score is increasing.
The number of contributions is higher than previous months but it needs to go up again.
The average score is not the best but it is acceptable.
Most of the reviews of this week were made by @syedumair.
We did not have a Staff Pick this week.

Do you remember the tiny prize that we had in the contest? Well, we have big (big) news.

Spread the word
Make a post about the contest, add some info about Utopian and the Suggestions Category and paste the link in comments. I will send some liquid STEEM to the best one.

Remember that upvotes are never guaranteed.

Top scored contributions


Since we did not have a Staff pick, these are great post to read!


Prize: 10 STEEM every month (+ the Community Bounty, which is 60 STEEM).
Total Prize: 70 STEEM
How? Submit a contribution to the Suggestions category. A contributor can submit more than one contribution per week. If your contribution got a score higher than 60 you get points.

100 or Staff Pick5
90 - 994
80 - 893
70 - 792
60 - 691
0 - 590

When? At the end of every month I will send 75% of the Total Prize to the winner and 25% to the second place.

Round 4: February

  • 100 or Staff Pick: none [5 points]
  • 90 - 99: none [4 points]
  • 80 - 89: none [3 points]
  • 70 - 79: none [2 points]
  • 60 - 69: @blockchainstudio [1 point]



Community Bounty (CB)

A big thank you to @emrebeyler, @tdre, @blockchainstudio, @amosbastian, @leotrap, @tobias-g, @utopian-io, @syedumair and @knowledges.
The CB is real thanks to them.

If you want to be part of this, check this post.

Disclaimer: The prize is taken from my personal account. This is an unofficial contest. It is only for the Suggestions category. You must not complain to Utopian about this contest. If something is wrong with the points, or if the rules are not clear, you should write to me, not to Utopian.

Common mistakes and how to fix them


The aim of this section is to show you the most common mistakes found this week. Followed by a short description and tips when applicable. Usually, I split the section in two: Contributions with a score of 25 or less and Contributions with a score of 50 or less.

1 - Contributions with a score of 25 or less

1.1 - The repository have not received any program code updates in the last 6 months

As you may know, repositories must have program code updates in the last 6 months or their could be considered as abandoned.

Contributions to repositories that have not received any program code updates for longer than 6 months, will not be eligible for potential reward. Github Integration Policy

If you have problems in looking for valid repositories I recommend you to read this post. Also, check my weekly reports. Tthere you will find interesting projects with valid repositories.

2 - Contributions with a score of 50 or less

2.1 - The impact on the functionality and usability of the project is low

If the overall of your post is excellent, but your idea has little impact on the functionality and/or usability of the project, you will get a few point less. Try to suggest unique, original and useful features.

Interesting open source projects


In case that you want to contribute on the Suggestions category but do not know any project, check this list.

1 - dluxio (@dlux-io)

Decentralized Limitless User Experiences
A community driven decentralized project that aims to provide VR as a decentralized alternative to social media/media distribution that is inherently monetized. Also AR as an alternative to extra devices for modern points of interactivity; terminals and points-of-sale.

2 - Markdown-it

Markdown parser, done right. 100% CommonMark support, extensions, syntax plugins & high speed [Source]

3 - TokenBB

TokenBB is a forum for the Steem blockchain. [Source]

Useful posts

As always, if you need help, comment below or chat with us on our Discord server.
Consider voting for the Utopian Witness.

Watch the presentation of Utopian on SteemFest
Tune in to the Open Source Radio Show, coming to you live every Wednesday at 8 PM UTC on Utopian Discord server. Host: @jedigeiss
Tune in to the IdeaHub Radio Show, coming to you live every Monday at 8 PM UTC on Utopian Discord server. Host: @jedigeiss



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