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As Fake News babbles about Jim Acousta their silence on the plight of Julian Assange is deafening


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Hey gang as the fake news continues to squawk about distractions and noise to distort perceptions of your world to try to preserve the status quo of perpetual pointless wars and unaccountable governance world wide the plight of Julian Assange continues. This past week a ton of people seemed to get really angry that fake news anchor who was very rude to Trump got booted from the White House. But do all get press passes to the White House? Would they let actual independent journalists the ability to questions the talking heads directly---ohh no, so those most angry about these issues don't care about white house press access they just want to rant against the tv show president.

Wikileaks seems to just publish documents, kinda like the NYT publishing the Pentagon Papers, but for some reason most the "professional" journalists with access to platforms are sitting silent on the anticompetitive subsidy of state coercion being wielded against wikileaks and its founder.

The seemingly hell bent entity that seeks to gain control of Julian Assange has a history of extradjudicial assassinations against its own citizens--remember Eric Holder asserted due process not to require judicial process--so apparently the unitary executive can play judge jury and executioner because Murca a society that only nominally believes in governance constrained by law? The entity that wants to silence Assange also has a history of extraordinary rendition, enhanced interrogations, indefinite detentions--so much for a quick and speedy trial and cruel and unusual punishment and even force feedings of those twisted into their system.

The video at the top and some sources below a terrifying event during Assange's indefinite arbitrary detention. Apparently there was scaffolding put up around the embassy and someone tried to break in to Assange's room via the window, but a fire hydrant Assange had put to the window alerted Assange to the attempted break in. There are also so interesting looking devices that were put up around the embassy.

President Trump saying he loves Wikileaks, could not quickly find on youtube

President Trump has stated he loves wikileaks--but since taking office has been inundated by so far evidenceless claims of Russia collusion--and the Russia narrative has helped CNN and Jim Acousta and the whole gang of Military Industrial Complex controlled nominal press (more accurately propaganda apparatuses) to focus on anything but perpetual war and why they got nearly 1 % of murcans locked up--many for victimless conduct. Hopefully if and when the Russia collusion nonsense is cleared up and it seems less likely there might be a coup via impeachment or the 25th amendment, or other ways presidents cease to be, Trump could take a step to make Murca great and pardon Assange for any and all past accused crimes. You'd think the first amendment would protect the press but it clearly is insufficient against the great bureaucracy as discussed around 6 minutes 20 seconds in the following video.



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