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BiglyBT: Yoruba translation #1: 1330 words


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Project Details

BiglyBT is a fast, cross-platform torrent client based on the Vuze - Azureus project. BiglyBT continues from where Vuze development stalled and will always optimize the code and always release new features. The torrent client is without any commercial interests and is determined to keep the open source project alive.
BiglyBT is currently available on all major desktop platforms, including Windows, MacOS and Linux. The target user are people who love to delve into the world of torrenting. BiglyBT should appeal to a wide range of users, especially the more seasoned torrent user who wants a client they can configure to their liking.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview
    This is my first translation report on the BiglyBT project. Working on this project is really helpful to me, as there are lots of things to learn, which wouldn't have been possible without this kind of opportunity. Honestly I really enjoyed working on the project because it has helped me know more about torrenting. All the words were translated from English to Yoruba Language except for few words that have to remain like Torrent, WIKI, IP, peer, Linux, Hash, URL and so on.
    I tried to maintain consistency while ensuring the best semantics translation that perfectly carries the message contained in the source language is conserved.
    As I already stated, this is the first translation report on the BiglyBT project and I have translated 5% of the total project.

  • Activity Overview
    The project's translatable texts are a total of 26,052 words and in this session which is my first session, I was able to translate 1330 words (5% of the total). The project should be completed in 20 sessions approximately (~19 left).


  • Languages
    Source language: English
    Target language: Yoruba

  • Word Count
    I translated a total of 1,330 words from the source language to a total of 1,773 words of the target language as estimated and shown in the picture above.

Proof of Authorship

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