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Proposal #37: SteemConnect continued improvements


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

This is a post for a SteemDAO proposal to fund steemconnect continued improvements and current expenses.



For the past few months we’ve been released steemconnect 3 and have done a lot of adjustments after that based on users feedback. Our initial plan was to add some fees on steemconnect API paid by users or / and dapps to finance the project, this is something we’ve announced on a previous post. Little bit after the post we received some funds from Steemit Inc. to sustain the project 6 months more so we decided to wait before introducing fees. 7 months after, we believe SteemDAO would be a perfect opportunity for us to finance the project and keep the service running free for users and dapps.


Funds will be spent to pay steemconnect expenses such: the servers, databases, log provider, SSL certificate and domain name. A minimum of 5 hours per week will be spent to improve steemconnect service and give real time support for users and dapps. Here is some improvements we are working on or plan to deliver:

  • Keep user posting key unlocked for quick 1 click login
  • Run a steemconnect API for the testnet
  • Make interface more friendly, improve naming
  • Add fallback mechanism if a node fail to answer
  • Ability to sign a custom message
  • Form to create a new account
  • Form to create a signing link
  • Create Firefox extension
  • And more, this list is not exhaustive


1 year


9,000 SBD
or 750 SBD per month

Approve the proposal #37

(On steemconnect)

You can check the proposal on:


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