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Leaving my CTO role at for focus on SteemConnect and new projects


2 years agoBusy


bye bye
(Cover by @dunsky)

This is it! As of today i’m officially leaving my role of CTO at to be a simple advisor. It’s been a great adventure for me working on platform for almost 2 years now. I’ve learned a lot from this adventure and appreciated the time spend with my colleagues and friends @ekitcho @sekhmet @gregory.latinier @jm90mm and @itharagaian. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together during that time with the release of Steem.js, SteemConnect v1, Busy v1, SteemConnect v2, Busy v2 and Steemit faucet. I also want to thank you, Steem community for your great support since my first steps on Steem.

In the coming weeks and months i will be working with my colleague @sekhmet on new apps and tools for Steem, i can’t tell you much more yet about these new projects expect that it’s related to SMT :). I will continue to lead the development of SteemConnect and also build some tools for Byteball.




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