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This is a good time to lease STEEMPOWER.


8 months agoSteemit3 min read is a platform where Steemians can lease STEEMPOWER to and from each other.

I think leasing will be one of the future use cases for STEEMPOWER.

I expect leasing to become very popular when communities come out to fill RC pools for the communities.

But even today, there are good reasons to lease.

Why would you get a lease?

If you get a lease now it gives you some extra voting power on the Steem platform and you get access RC's.

The extra voting power is perfect for good curators.

The lease prices have come down enough that it's now easy for good curators to make more STEEM in return than what the lease costs.

14% is the number that most leases go for nowadays and good curators can make a 19%-20% ROI from the STEEMPOWER that the lease provides if they do a good job.

That's a 5% profit on the lease. That's not bad.

You can reinvest that SP in more leases, build up your own SP or take a small profit.

Another reason to get a lease is that it allows you to create Account Tokens.

Account tokens might not be so valuable today but when Communities come out they might be very wanted.

I have been creating account tokens since whenever it was possible.

I have a little over 3000 of them now.

That's a pretty good number to kickstart any community.

And one more reason to get a lease now is that it's pretty cheap and less risky than buying STEEM.

I recently got a lease myself to try the process out.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 09.41.35.png

I rented 5000SP for 12 weeks for 186 STEEM.

That 186 STEEM costs about $28 dollars ($0,15 STEEM) today.

Even without perfect curation, I should be able to earn that STEEM back easily and make a few account tokens on the way.

But buying 5000SP is still tough (even with $0,15) that will cost you $750 dollars. A hefty investment.

Leasing reduces risk with all the benefits STEEMPOWER provides.

Why would you lease out your Steempower?

It's a no fuzz way to get a nice return on STEEMPOWER. 14% is a decent return. You get a payout daily in your wallet in liquid STEEM.

And because of #newsteem, the STEEMPOWER you lease out has less chance to be used for straight-up abuse.

Some Leasing tips

If you request a lease I would suggest filling in a longer time frame (> 12 weeks). It's cheaper and you have more chances to get your lease filled.

If you want to lease out your SP I would avoid <4weeks lease requests. The return might be a little higher but you loose 5 days of access to your SP when the lease runs out.


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