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Vlog 392: Development in a bear market + Steem Proposal System ideas.


5 months agoDTube2 min read

Projects like Drug Wars show to me what's needed on Steem more.

Places to have fun! Places that can attract new users. Places that generate revenue by selling goods for profit.

Places I can show to investors where the money and value of STEEM is coming from.

It also shows why Fiat ramps are so important and I'm happy to see they are slowly popping up more and more.

It's great when people buy an Industrial Distillery in game for 10 STEEM, but it's even better when they can buy it with 3,5 USD from their credit card to STEEM first.

That's putting Fiat into the Steem eco system. Increasing its value.

We want more of that. is of course the pioneer in this.

Other things I talk about in this vlog are the Steem Proposal System. I wrote about that here.

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