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Tracing Light

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9 months agoBusy3 min read

Morning light, western wall. Some light in the bedroom too, straight light only close to the window.

I have a habit of tracing the light in my apartment throughout the year so I know what kind of light I will have and what time of the day, depending on the weather of course. I have only lived in this apartment since October, so I don't yet know all the spots the light will be at a certain time of the year. I'm a bit mental with this and I purchased and app called Sun Seeker, that tells me sunrise and sunset times, and gives me all sorts of data on where the sun will be in relation to my apartment. I'm obsessed with it.

My apartment is aligned so that the main windows point perfectly to the South, giving me the best possible light in here when ever the sun decided to show up to the party. I can't wait for summer and the sweltering heat I'm going to get with the sun shining to my apartment all day. Bring it! (might regret this later)

I don't only make mental notes of light, but I also take reference pictures to have actual data of the light. I gathered here a few examples and the notes I make, usually just inside my head, to plan for possible places to use for shoots.

Noon, straight harsh sunlight in the lower part of northern wall of the living room. As the sun gets higher, the light will only hit the floor.

3.30pm, a momentary spotlight on my bed. Sun peaks between two buildings only for a little while.

4.30pm, soft afternoon light on the eastern wall of the kitchen.

4.30pm, the same as in the previous picture, really nice afternoon light in the balcony, must use for portraits once there is something in the balcony other than trash. About a month from here, the balcony will bathe in light from 9am to 6pm, only going behind one taller building for half an hour, I think.

4.30pm, golden hour, amplified by the wood, a very narrow window (pun intended) where the sun shines between the other buildings to the sauna window on the western side of the house. Maybe ten minutes to shoot.

5.45pm, blue hour, just after sunset, the bedroom, gorgeous colour contrast. Fleeting moment.

Did you find my crazy light mapping interesting?


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