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Eve and the Serpent


7 months ago


You remember back in August when I modelled for a photographer Suvi Sievilä? There was one shot that I was not allowed to show at that time, as it was going to be a part of a series where there would be other people photographed in a similar fashion too.

Today I got the green light to go ahead and share this image.

The series is called ”the fire under our skin” and my picture is the first one in the series, I assume the rest willbe released shortly.

You can stalk Suvi Sievilä(@ suvisievilaphotografia) on Instagram for more awesome stuff and soon the rest of the images on the series.

I had a wonderful time just modelling and not having to worry about the photography part. I also got to deside the fire animal that would be part of the image with me, and I immediately went for the snake, as a biblical reference related to my name, Eve.


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