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2 years agoSteemit

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Hi every steemit members. I'm ETY, a new witness.

I 'm a full stack developer and also a freelancer. I have rich experience in developing tools. This is my github.

Steem is very great and still growing. I think steem needs more tools to impove user experience. For now I have made SteemMention (beta version), SteemMysql. And SteemEditor, SteemPusher, SteemBlog are under construction. These tools will be useful.

My witness server is duel E5 2670 cpu, 64G RAM, 1TB HDD, 100Mbps down/20Mbps up bandwidth. And the seed node address is

My motto is less talking, more working. I' ll try my best to the progress of the steemit community. Please give me a vote of witness!

You can vote me via the steemconnect

Thank you!


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