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Data analysis update: comparing SP delegation to four different Steemit services


9 months agoeSteem4 min read

About two months ago I calculated the returns for the SP delegation services I used. Based on that I made some adjustments. Now is the time to see whether that paid off and, if not, to readjust my delegations.


My current delegations

As of today (April 11th 2019), I delegate to six different accounts on Steemit. Each of them work in a (slightly) different way, so a little explanation could be valuable.

  • @steembasicincome uses your delegation to give you bonus shares. For every 2 SP you delegate, you get one bonus share. I delegate 150 SP to SBI since the last analysis.
  • @ocdb pays out (part of) their return to all delegators every day. At the moment I delegate 150 SP to ocdb.
  • @steem-UA gives you a certain amount of upvotes weekly based on your delegation. For every 25 SP till 100 you receive one upvote a week. When you delegate 250 SP you get 7 upvotes weekly. At the moment I delegate 100 SP to Steem UA.
  • @silvergoldbotty (Stax) provides daily upvotes to their delegators based on the amount they delegate. At the moment I delegate 50 SP to Stax.
  • @actifit delegation increases your user rank and, hence, the number of AFIT tokens and upvotes you receive when you post a report. Besides that you also receive daily AFIT tokens. Since there now is a price for an AFIT token, I can include my 50 SP delegation to Actifit in the analysis.
  • @steemhunt pays out (part of) their return to all delegators every week. They promise a 20% yearly return. I delegated 50 SP to Steemhunt only a couple of days ago, so I won't include it in the comparison.

Calculating return on delegation

I calculated the return on delegation using UpVoters and SteemWorld. These sites give insight in the (relative) value of the upvotes you receive and the total rewards you receive. To have a relatively long period to analyse, I took the data about last month (31 days/24 posts).
Stax and Steem-UA return can be retrieved straightforward from these sites, just like I do in my monthly rewards posts.
For SBI I determined what percentage of my shares are bonus shares and, hence, which part of my SBI upvotes can be assigned to the delegation.
The direct payout by ocdb and actifit can also be obtained by Steemworld. And the (average) number of AFIT tokens can be found in my Actifit wallet.


Below you can see the comparison of the four different accounts. I also included my own return by curating with the rest of my Steem Power as a reference. Any service below myself is actually only costing me money. As another reference, the result of last time is also included.

It can be seen that Actifit gives, by far, the best return on my delegation. Thanks to the (high?) value of the AFIT token, of which I got about 13.5 every day, I got more than 25 Steem in rewards. Footnote is that I can't directly receive these rewards in my Steem wallet yet. You can now get an upvote worth 20 AFIT about twice a week (of which 25% goes to curators; which I did include in my calculation). When Actifit does its ISO on Friday, that will change and the return can be even higher.
Steem-UA also still gives a very good return on my delegation. It was even higher than last time. Ocdb passed SBI to reach the third place (and both do better than last time). Down below are Stax and myself with a disappointing score (especially for myself compared to last time).

ServiceDelegationReturnReturn/100 SPPrevious


Based on these numbers it would make sense to increase my Actifit delegation. I will wait a couple of days to see how the ISO goes and, if that turns out a success, I consider to delegate a lot more. Also delegating more to SBI and ocdb would be better than using that SP to curate myself.

Do these results surprise you? And do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below!


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