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How many big mosques in the world will be discussed


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello friends how are you all hope you are so much better i will talk to you today. Mosque's tower about mosque's mosque Satyapir has a lot of earth all over the world and the minarets of these mosques are much larger and they are very beautiful to see the whole world is small The world has grown a lot all over the world, usually fourteen years ago and it has been going on for a while now Ranta exists.

think the world is more beautiful than you can imagine and you can not imagine it, and there are many mosques in the country including Bangladesh India, Pakistan Islamabad, it is called the city of mosque. It is the capital of Bangladesh.
Friends, how beautiful is the moving mosque and how beautiful the minars are, how many big mosques in the world will be discussed


Problems are much bigger Emo too much smaller I think there are mosques all over the world, there are many beautiful mosques in Bangladesh. There will be healthy things in the next phase to tell you something important Come and stay with me and stay close to us with the right comments Friends must subscribe to our channel


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