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Camel's eyes: opening the eye of soul in trying times.


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Animals, though we consider them as lesser being, but they are unique and there uniqueness have seen them stand out, live and survived in earth ecosystem. Even King Solomon, the acclaimed wisest man on earth said in writing in the book of Proverbs in GOD'S Word Translated version (Proverbs 6:6), let us know that we can draw great life lesson from these lesser beings.

Consider the ant, you lazy bum. Watch its ways, and become wise.

Going through some new posts on uptrennd I found this post about the camel 🐫, the strange feature of it eyes by IMRAN RAO. Though it was a short concise one but it struck deep into me.

when a storm comes in the desert, He sees everything clear, that is, the path, etc. Because their eyelids are transparent, they can see even if they close their eyes.

check it out here

Camel Eyelids Strange Feature post here

I was amazed by it, I Google for more facts and I try to relate and draw life lessons from the unique and power feature of the camel eyes. Though I am yet to see a live camel but one thing I know about the camel in movies is that they can navigate through desert without stress and stay calm and relax during sandstorms in the desert.

Image source Pixabay

The eyes feature as in the quoted text when there is a sandstorm in the desert, camel can see everything clearly. In life we comes across sandstorms, suitations that weigh us down and many have taken harmful decision in these dicey suitations because they do not have that camel eyes that see clearly in the sandstorms of life, they take action according the movement of the sandstorm but never wait patiently to see clearly the positive end result of every sandstorm they encounter in life.

Just when the sandstorm is ongoing, the camel stays calm, right in the midst of it with eyes closed but with the transparent eyelids, the camel have a clear vision of it path to it destination. For us, when the rough times are rumbling like there will be no end and we are force to take action, we should learn from the camel of being calm, close the eyes and through the transparent eyelids which is our soul and do a deep soul search, this would enable us to see clearly not as the trouble is showing us, but the positive and the negative sides our actions and with that we can take life changing but not life marring decisions and actions.

Conclusively, the storms of life are inevitable, they must happen in one or more facet our life and they have the capacity to block our vision that when we need the eyes of the mind; that camel's eyes that see in in the storm and through the storm. Just as the camel will stand up shake off the dust and continue moving to it destination after the storm, because it vision was intact so it will be great to develop tact see through the storm, stand up and shake off the debris the storm of life has put on us and move ahead to desired destination.


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