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Weekly Bet Contest with over 500 STEEM Prize Pool!


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EpicDice is a fairest dice game built on top of Steem blockchain which aims to provide a refined gambling experience while keeping simplicity intact.

Let the fun begin

Weekly Bet Contest, be the top 3 players and win BIG

We are glad to announce the exciting bet contest where the top 3 players with most wagered amount would win prize starting from 100, 50, 20 STEEM respectively.
All prizes would be paid automatically to the winners as the weekly countdown timer runs out. Wager amount is the only eligibility to win the big prizes, nothing else. Time start ticking now!

The bet contest table only shows the top 10 players and will be updated real-time with 5s interval. You can monitor your current wagered amount in the bottom row while making your way to the throne.

Tier system to unlock higher prize

TierTotal wagered volume (STEEM/SBD)First prizeSecond prizeThird prize
Level 00 - 49,999100 STEEM50 STEEM20 STEEM
Level 150,000 - 99,999150 STEEM75 STEEM30 STEEM
Level 2100,000 - 149,999200 STEEM100 STEEM40 STEEM
Level 3150,000 - 199,999250 STEEM125 STEEM50 STEEM
Level 4200,000 and above300 STEEM150 STEEM60 STEEM

Prize gets more sexy when it know how to grow. We've implement tier system which would add 50, 25, 10 STEEM to each of the top 3 prizes for every 50k total wagered volume being hit.

The cap for each prizes is 300, 150, 60 STEEM which makes the completely unlocked prize pool a whooping 510 STEEM!

STEEM and SBD are treated equally in the volume calculation. Latest prize status will be updated real time to the bet contest table as well. The rate is rather experimental and is subject to change on weekly basis base on the response we received.

Resteem and win 10 STEEM


All players in the top 10 list of the contest would win additional 10 STEEM each if they resteem this post. This extra bonus would be sent out manually after the first weekly bet contest has expired. There is no minimum requirement for followers number or reputation. As long as you score the top 10 rank and resteemed this very post, you get 10 STEEM.

Upcoming features & Development

This weekly bet contest would be the last major feature we bring to the table while we will still actively solving bugs and issues of the site. We wish to keep our players motivated, engaged and rewarded while we focus on the next big thing on this platform, custom token creation.

For existing players who have supported us thus far, rest assured we have all the bet record stored properly and all valid bets will be respected and be paid accordingly once the token is ready.

We wish to introduce the token that is outright transferrable, tradeable, and immutable rather than serving a fake token system which has no difference to any in-house credit system and very much prone to integrity issue, just for the sake of attract more volume to the game.

Stay tuned for more. See you in the game!

Please join our Discord server for better communication.

Disclaimer and Important Notice: reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Terms and Rules at any time, on weekly basis after notice has been made.


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