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EOS Mainnet Validation Report


last yearBusy2 min read

EOS Argentina has validated the EOS Mainnet and in the spirit of Blockchain transparency we have decided to share the results with the community.

We validated the following parameters:

  • Genesis File : Pass
  • EOS Token supply: 1000011818.7401 // Note: In order to pay for RAM 11818.7401 tokens were issued.
  • Global parameters against genesis file (to ensure they were not moved): Pass
  • Validate initial ram: 64 GB pass * User account creation: Pass
  • Users account stake: Pass
  • Verifying system accounts: (Warning) // Note: See observation 2
  • No accounts with extra privileges: (Warning) // Note: See observation 3
  • Extra Accounts (non vainilla): The boot processed used 2 extra accounts unreg and genesisblock


1 The 1000011818.7401 EOS Tokens issued worked great as it was the exact amount needed to buy the RAM used for sending the initial transactions to the network, there is no need to burn extra tokens or reduce inflation.

2 The boot node used eosio.system.abi from the eos-mainnet repo which have minor differences, we think this is trivial, but we highly recommend avoiding unnecessary refactoring.

3 It is important to note that the ABP still has not resigned its privileges, we shall run validation again once this happens


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