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EOS Argentina BP Update

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August was a pretty busy month for EOS Argentina and we wanted to tell you what we have been up to and share some of our new developing tools. So, without further ado, here is our August BP Update:

  • We finished the Unreg Contract that allows anyone who missed the EOS Registration to claim their tokens. The contract was deployed in the CryptoKylin Testnet and, if everything keeps going smooth, it will be proposed to be deployed on the Mainnet in the next couple of days.
  • We Launched the Francis Mallman Toolset, a general purpose library to craft custom EOSio transactions with a great degree of flexibility that can be extended to several use cases: freeze accounts, make accounts unlimited, change contract´s table rows, transfer EOS from accounts, etc.
  • We provided support and mentorship for the Photofied Project, a 3 way digital certification that uses EOS ( for their certificates. Find out more here:
  • We released, an open-source multi-language knowledge base for EOS.
  • We created EOSdev, a docker compose setup to quickly set up a single EOS node for developing and testing contracts.
  • We participated in a joint Meetup with the Cardano, IOTA and Cardano community, where we explained the differences amogsnt EOS and the different existing Blockchains.
  • We will be assisting the EOS Rio Hackhaton in September and have been providing mentorship to some of the participants.

We leave you with a few pictures of our new offices in WeWork Buenos Aires, we invite anyone from the EOS community who is in the city to visit us and join us for a chat and coffee.





We still have a lot of projects, tools and events to announce, so stay tuned to our media channels to find out more!

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