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Announcing Cooperation with EOS Trip!


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Are you looking to travel for the holidays? - Fly with EOS Trip and receive great discounts when paying in EOS!

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EOS Argentina is proud to announce the cooperation with another incubated project “EOS Trip”, a travel agency that allows you to use your EOS to book and buy plain tickets with great discounts for our Community.

EOS TRIP was created by the same team that launched BTC Trip back in 2013, their experts have traveled to 150+ countries, flown on and reviewed the world's best airlines, and know all about the latest trade secrets and loyalty programs. This expertise allows EOS Trip to offer UP TO 30% OFF for Business and First Class Tickets.

EOS Trip charges no upfront search fees. You only pay when we find you real savings on your itinerary, so there's virtually no risk for the consumer.

The cooperation with EOS Trip comes out of a series of projects that EOS Argentina has incubated in order to grow the EOS Ecosystem and help out anyone in the community who wants to build on EOS.

So what are you waiting for? head over to and book your tickets today!
steemit: @eosargentina

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