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eosc v1.1.0 Released!


4 months agoSteemit2 min read


With the rapid changes of the EOS mainnet, and the needs of the users and developers of this ecosystem changing with it, we at EOS Canada are constantly adding more features and functionalities to eosc.

We have just released the newest version, v1.1.0. The changes to note are:

  • Substantially better layout of get account (Thanks to community contribution)
  • Added tools names to ease in conversion between EOS representation of names, uint, hex, etc…
  • Added tx id to print the transaction ID of a given transaction .json file.
  • Added support for the EOSC_GLOBAL_INSECURE_VAULT_PASSPHRASE environment variable, to unlock a vault programmatically. This is very useful for tests. See as an example use case!
  • Added a new global flag -H / --http-header which allows to pass custom arbitrary HTTP headers when performing calls to any API
  • This is useful to support certain new, optional features of certain augmented endpoints (such as push guarantee semantics offered by the dfuse API!)
  • Added new flag to tx create, -f / --force-unique which allows for quick repeated transactions with same payload (for instance transfers of same value that could not otherwise appear in same block due to TaPOS replay protection)
  • Added get scheduled-transactions which shows transactions that are living in memory on nodes, waiting for eventual execution
  • Support referendums:
    • Added forum list
    • Adapted forum propose to latest release
  • Added alias for tx cancel, as system canceldelay for increased discoverability
  • Updated --sudo-wrap to use new official name for contract (eosio.wrap)

We are constantly looking for feedback for what features and tools you would like to have available to build dApps on EOS. Please feel free to fork and contribute, and reach out to us in our Telegram Channel. We look forward to building up the developer toolkit for EOS with the community, and for the community.


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