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Scot Tribes on Hive


3 months ago4 min read

Hi everyone, first post on Hive! Been very busy with the recent transitions, and will be posting updates periodically about my progress. First wanted to just get a post about how Tribes / Scotbot is integrating with Hive.

Scotbot Dual Chain

Scotbot has the ability to crawl both Steem and Hive chains for votes and posts. Note that as the source of truth for Wallet balances is still on Steem for the time being, any wallet-related behavior still relies on Steem operations, until the Hive-Engine is operational and Tribe tokens have migrated to it (which will require another set of changes from Scot....)


Properties of how dual chain works:

  1. Hive chain is crawled in parallel, and processes posts votes in a parallel storage. Accounts will be mirrored with separate voting power from Steem, and stake balances will be taken from the steem account.
    • Tribes must opt in to this.
    • Note that there will be independent mana bars for Steem / Hive. This in essence will double everyone's effective voting ability. This is a technical limitation to the implementation. Note this is not much of a problem if either Hive or Steem is disabled.
    • Following authors and reblogging are now independent. Initial snapshot was made from Steem follow/reblogs to Hive, but going forward they are independent. Hive posts should be reblogged on hive, steem posts reblogged on steem. Following new authors works this way as well.
    • Tribe owner mute functionality can be done on Steem or Hive. Same format as before, with @author/permlink. (Use steem side to mute steem posts, hive side to mute hive posts)
    • Promotion ops must be done Steem side. If it is a hive-based post, the permlink needs a prefix, like [email protected]/permlink. Nitrous instances that have this enabled have already done this.
    • A post created from Steem must be voted / commented on Steem. A post created from Hive must be voted / commented from Hive. Note that in order to interact with a Hive post on a nitrous instance, you must either use your private key login, or have both steem and hive keychains installed.
  2. The timing of when Hive ops are indexed is not predictable, as it is done entirely in parallel. So it can be ahead or behind of the Steem indexing. Meaning, if Steem side is behind, the stake backing your voting power on Hive posts will reflect a slightly behind state.
  3. All token operations must still be done on the Steem chain while Steem Engine is not migrated to Hive.
    In particular, note that new hive accounts that are not on Steem cannot have stake (but they can be delegated to). And they cannot actually claim rewards due to not having a Steem Engine account.
  4. Scotbot API exposes endpoints like /@author?hive=1, /@author/permlink?hive=1, and feeds will stream both types, and the posts return have a hive boolean to indicate if the content should be fetched from a Hive node.
  5. Pending payouts for hive posts will be collected separately, and listed in your /@author?hive=1 endpoints (This endpoint also contains your voting power and stake). *Update (3/27): Now going through autoclaim".
  6. Tribes can also turn off indexing new posts on Steem. Effectively this means all post and vote information no longer looks at the Steem chain.

Current Tribes Using Hive

You will see if the tribe has Steem or Hive enabled by looking at the token config endpoint, e.g. /config?token=LEO. This is is accurate as of (3/28).

Steem disabled applies to new posts. Let me know if you would like to enable for your tribe if you have one.

As usual, let me know if you have any questions and will be updating this post with additional questions and answers, and updates to the tasks above. Cheers!


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