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MOJO Contact Lens; (The Future of an AI enabled Augmented reality Contact Lens)

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28 days ago2 min read

Currently, we only see the objects visible to light from cars, phones, houses and a lot of other things that are visible but soon we might be going into the world of Sci-Fi where artificial intelligence and augmented reality will become a thing in our eyes. Maybe you have heard about the company called MOJO, it looks to become the future of smart Contact lens which will allow humans see augmented visuals with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence isn’t a new thing as it has been existing for a very long time, and augmented reality has gone very far with Google and other companies working really hard to get it accessible to everyone, so having a contact lens with augmented reality as done justice to the technology.

Instead of wearing a glass and having to deal with load just to view augmented reality, MOJO contact lens made it easier. It is being used currently to help people with impaired vision so they can see things and get augmented views and explanations for what they see. In the future, there is more to expect from an augmented reality contact lens as it will make lives easier for instance, we could have Google map showing on our augmented contact lens thereby telling us where and when to turn right or left.


Since the Augmented reality lens is supported with AI, we would have lots of exciting features such as night vision, easy translation, GPS, health and BMIs, and many more. The contact lens is worn in the morning and removed at night into a cleaning case where it is cleaned and charged. All technological components are built into micro size from sensors, CPU, battery and so on.

The contact lens would be targeting people with eye problems currently but in the future, it will be available for everyone. MOJO as a company has done a lot of work within the last five years and the lens is still undergoing final testing after which it will be awaiting FDA approval. This will be a great innovation and improvement in our world.

Will you be willing to test this contact lens and enjoy an AI enabled Augmented reality contact lens, or will you just pass and enjoy the natural eye lenses you have?



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