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Splinterlands (STEEMMONSTERS) Season Rewards + Gods Unchained?


7 months agoSteemit4 min read

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Who's Got The Golden Goose Now?

Another season has ended in the Splinterlands and I am rather pleased with the rewards. This is the second time I pulled 2 legendaries out of the assorted cards. I love the Ruler of the Seas. Thing is just brutal in certain situations. And look at that shit! They gave me a golden goose! How cool is that??? Was hoping for a few more Beetle Queens so I can use her (I won't until I get her healing ability unlocked) in actual battles. Haven't seen her but once so far. The Naga Windmaster has ruined me a few times, it's a painful addition played properly.

Gods Unchained

Must have been 3 months ago now that @metametheus and I came across this one. It was right at the same time I found it he told me and I had already joined, so there was no affiliate link attached to me signing up. Now I hear that my friends @snook (who made that easy-to-understand tutorial up there), @saffisara, @vlemon, @acidyo and even @derangedvisions are all playing. So I decided to dive in a little more heartily. There is joy and frustration. Do read on.

enginewitty godsunchained gods unchained steemmonsters splinterlands thealliance.png
Come play with us!

The Plus Side

My favorite all time games are RPGs, hands down. That genre has different classes and card based strategy, seems to fall into that as you take on characters and play their strengths and weaknesses. (Yes, another card game, I'll do a SM vs. GU soon.) I have won one (ranked) match now, and the game play is smooth. The characters and cards have astounding artwork - think Magic the Gathering if you've ever played it online - that caliber. There are tons of abilities and I have yet to learn them all. Also, unique cards will be coming (and are already out) that are selling for tens of thousands of dollars! (In Golem's voice) We wants the precioussssss....

My Anger Issues

I live out in bumphuc borneo so my internet isn't the greatest. I've lost 5 matches simply because of a stupid D/C. Which happens all the damn time on Steemmonsters. If I have fled the battlefield, it's because my internet took a shit, I got disconnected - and you got lucky. Which, considering the length of time one has to put in to a match, will keep me from being one of the top players. You do have to download it, which I would prefer it be just in my browser so I'm not eating bandwidth but hey, the game is pretty badass, so worth the Immutable install. Want to hear something funny? This is an erc721 ETH based tokenization/smart contract gaming platform. Yes, now you see why Splinterlands came to the ether chain. Moving on.


It's already fukn badass. If a person can score just one of those unique cards, they'll make out like a bandit. The cards are frig'n badass. I love this game so far, it even has plenty of nice cleavage and - abs for the ladies. Tons of badass abilities and cards. Fuk I sound like Torgue. HA! But, I'll be playing, if you see me over there, it's still enginewitty, why would I change a good thing? Regardless if you play, or if you don't, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, golden geese and all.

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