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Because I Have None

Cancelling the show this afternoon, sorry. I got a call at 4 a.m. this morning from a babbling blubbering sister that was trying to spit out some words I could barely understand -"Elana's dead." She was the oldest daughter of my sister-in-law - Lisa - the good sister. Not the druggie lackey parent of the three little ones I take care of from time to time, but the other one with kids the same ages (relatively) as my boys. I was a mentor for her in troubling times, so this is kind of a blow to my psyche.

She was a few months into being 19 and I don't have many pictures of her. She had just moved back in with her parents (Lisa) after a break-up. She was doing quite well actually, no more drugs and just the occasional drink. She had gone out with some 'friends' from work and upon coming home last night, said her stomach hurt. She then began coughing and puking. Blood started coming up with the vomit more and more and even foamy stomach acid. The paramedics rushed over and pronounced her dead at 3:47 a.m.

They are doing an autopsy as I write this and I will be heading to Chattanooga shortly for support. I will also be conducting my own investigation and may be off grid for a little while. Alpha wolf and all. If foul play was the cause, justice must and will be served, and not by some local authority slap on the wrist bullshit. At the @innerblocks, they say and ask what blocks are you made of? This is one of mine. Witty out.


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