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What is your earliest gaming memory?


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 My earliest memory of playing video games goes all the way back when I was in kindergarten. We are talking about the good old 90's. I was not born during the earliest days of the industry, but was definitely there for the most nostalgic.

I was not a player back in those days. I preferred to watch others play. My aunt purchased a Super Nintendo for herself after high school. It was funny because she would bring some of her close female friends over and they would play games. At one point, the guy she was dating also had a run on the machine. He was good! At least, he was the reason why I got to see the endings across multiple games my aunt owned.

So, I have seen ``gamer chicks`` before their fantasized state on certain parts of the internet.

Anyhow, the game that stood out the most to me was Super Mario All-stars. That's right, I am talking about the 1993 title, not the remakes you could find on the Wii Store and whatnot.

I remember myself watching my aunts and her friends play. In hindsight, they were not great players, but they did make pretty far in each game of All-stars.

When my aunt moved out after she got married, she left the SNES with me. For extra tidbit, she married the same guy I mentioned earlier. I recall trying to beat those games in grade school. They felt so difficult at the time.

Because of their nostalgic value, I went back to those games in college. And boy, they still posed challenges, but the satisfaction remained the same. These days, many would call that stuff ``retro gaming``.

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