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Updates on AnonRamblings


18 days ago2 min read

AnonRamblings - a place to share your inner thoughts, with the protection of anonymity.

New features

  • Replies

It's now possible to send replies to the ramblings. Just click Reply if you want to reply to a specific rambling.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 23.24.24.png

See this interesting thread at AnonRamblings

  • Random Nicknames

Every rambling automatically gets a random nickname, now. Some of the examples:

  • reasonableMouse55
  • darkSkunk71
  • happyDuck19
  • roastedDinosaur77

I've no idea why I've implemented this. But it was requested in one of the anon ramblings, I couldn't resist getting a nickname like "Happy Frog 42".

  • Limited Markdown

Markdown is limited to basic tags. Image support is not there but it will be landed soon.

  • Bonus: BTC giveaway

Don't forget to participate to the 0.0.25 BTC giveaway by @innerhive.

All changes are landed into the production branch in the GIT repository. It will be like this for a while since the Hive Hackathon is still in review process. I wanted to seal the hackathon entry state with the masterbranch for easier review.

So far, Anonramblings generated 450~ transactions in the HIVE network. Impressing for the start. Do you have any ideas for the AnonRamblings? Shoot in the comments section (or just ask it in the AnonRamblings.)


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