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Exploring new Hivemind Community APIs


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Steemit Beta is running for a while, hosting the new communities UI, powered by Hivemind in the backend. There is a new set of API endpoints available.

It's possible to use these endpoints with Lightsteem in a simple way to explore the API methods. (No updates needed thanks to Lightsteem's dynamic request model)

First step, getting a Client instance

from lightsteem.client import Client

c = Client(nodes=[""])

Get community details

c('bridge').get_community({"name": "hive-129924", "observer": "emrebeyler"})

Example Output:

    'id': 1352979,
    'name': 'hive-129924',
    'title': 'Python',
    'about': 'news, questions, notes, tutorials about the Python programming language',
    'lang': 'en',
    'type_id': 1,
    'is_nsfw': False,
    'subscribers': 31,
    'sum_pending': 28,
    'num_pending': 16,
    'num_authors': 9,
    'created_at': '2020-01-04 09:11:06',
    'context': {
        'role': 'admin',
        'title': '',
        'subscribed': True
    'description': '',
    'flag_text': '',
    'settings': {},
    'team': [
        ['hive-129924', 'owner', ''],
        ['emrebeyler', 'admin', ''],
        ['crokkon', 'mod', 'Expert']

List communities

c('bridge').list_communities({"limit": 1})

List all communities and limit the results to 1. (It's possible to paginate the results with optional last argument.)

Example output:

    'id': 1337319,
    'name': 'hive-100421',
    'title': 'Threespeak',
    'about': '3Speak is a video platform for deplatformed and censored content creators.',
    'lang': 'en',
    'type_id': 1,
    'is_nsfw': False,
    'subscribers': 810,
    'sum_pending': 2770,
    'num_pending': 1912,
    'num_authors': 461,
    'created_at': '2019-11-14 19:51:54',
    'context': {}

List community roles

c('bridge').list_community_roles({"community": "hive-129924"})

Example output:

    ['hive-129924', 'owner', ''],
    ['emrebeyler', 'admin', ''],
    ['crokkon', 'mod', 'Expert']

List subscribers of a community

 c('bridge').list_subscribers({"community": "hive-129924"})

Example output:

    ['cardboard', 'guest', None, '2020-01-05 01:17:51'],
    ['anthonyadavisii', 'guest', None, '2020-01-05 01:11:03'],
    ['mytechtrail', 'guest', None, '2020-01-05 00:52:39'],
    ['louis88', 'guest', None, '2020-01-05 00:50:18'],
    ['dalz', 'guest', '', '2020-01-05 00:45:21'],
    ['emrebeyler', 'admin', '', '2020-01-04 09:11:15'],

List subscriptions of an account

c('bridge').list_all_subscriptions({"account": "emrebeyler"})

Example output:

    ['hive-129924', 'Python'],
    ['hive-174578', 'OCD'],
    ['hive-167922', 'SteemLeo'],
    ['hive-136578', 'Steem Think Tank'],
    ['hive-177976', 'DCooperation'],
    ['hive-122359', 'Community Announce'],
    ['hive-185247', 'Open Source']

Creating and managing communities

All these transactions are actually Custom JSON transactions. This module will give an insight. Once things go out of the beta, I'll release a helper module in Lightsteem to make things easier.


These API signatures may subject the change. GIT repository is a good place to track the changes if you're interested.

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