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Documentation of steemconnect python client is up and running


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It's been a while since I have released the steemconnect-python-client. I have seen in a couple of discords that the people having trouble combining the OAuth concept and STEEM. Hopefully, this documentation will help potential (python) app developers on Steemconnect.

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It's online at

Main Pages

Let me know if you're a user of the library and feel there are missing concepts.

Contributing to the documentation

  • Fork the repository
  • Create a new branch. Eg: (typo-fix)
  • Install sphinx sphinx-autobuild packages on your virtual environment.
  • Run sphinx-autobuild docs docs/_build/html --port=8001. This command will serve the documentation on http://localhost:8001.
  • Make changes you want on .RST files.
  • Create a pull request

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