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Opinion Desk: A lot to learn from this Story


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You may or may not have heard of the woman whose child was nearly taken away by a fake CPS worker. Although it happened last year, I find the story in itself intriguing enough to warrant an analysis.

Ashley Bradley and her 9 month old baby live in Delaware and have pretty normal lives until the poser showed up. She’s identified herself as a child care worker and after asking a couple of questions declared that Ashley was to give up her baby on the spot.

After getting herself and recovering from the obvious shock, Ashley took to social media and immediately began asking questions of her own about the woman’s identity. When she threatened to alert the police, the poser hurriedly left.

According to her, the police stated that there are reports that child traffickers and smugglers do actually pose as child care workers to kidnap children across the border. While Ashley would be more than glad to have dodged that bullet, here are a few major concerns from the story.

The fact that the poser could demand Ashley hand over her baby on the spot shows how much powers child care workers yield, which is frankly too much and bordering on scary. It actually does happen that parents without prior knowledge of cps investigations suddenly find their kids separated from them.

Also more troubling is the fact that there seems to be an interest by criminals in the child welfare system as a potential trafficking market. The stats show that kids sometimes go ‘missing’ under the systems care and not readily accounted for. This potential opportunity for smugglers and traffickers needs to be urgently investigated and nipped in the bud.


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