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Hello fellow Steemians, my name is Emmy Steven. I am an Electrical/Electronics Engineer by training and a Digital Developer by profession. I found out about Steemit late this year, 2018 in the month of November when I decided to go into crypto airdrops.

I am super excited to be here in this awesome community.

Area of Interest

I'm here to blog about the following, in no particular order:

  • Business
  • Creative Writing
  • Lifestyle
  • Spirituality

Why Am I Here?

Wow! Guess what? I am here to:

  • Put my writing skills to work
  • Stretch my creativity
  • Provide Digital Services
  • Create and add value to this awesome community by God's grace

What do I do for a living?

I'm a digital developer, I provide digital services that help my clients save more money or make more money.

I essentially help businesses to thrive.



You can find and connect with me here on


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