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GIVEAWAY Steem Monsters | Participate and Win a letter level 4


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A Cordial Greetings community! This time I will be sharing with you a little of my winnings in the game that leads to half the community of Steemit talk about Steem monsters, and is that it is simply to win some of the cards that I will be distributing around here with a simple Giveaway

What should you do?
• Make Upvote in this publication
• Subscribe to my Channel Youtube
• Leave in the comments of this post the word HIGHLAND ARCHER
• You can Only make a comment by publication.
• Participants will be chosen with the Tool Steem Random Draw

NOTE: If the winning participant does not meet all the steps previously named will not be chosen to receive the prize and would accumulate the prize for the next Giveaway that would be made after this post is 7 days

¿You haven't started playing Steem monsters?

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