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6 months ago2 min read

Third day of Chinese New Year almost ending soon. The forth day will be here in less than 90 minutes. What have I done for today? Nothing much. Stayed at home the whole day. Had lou sang for our lunch.

My second girl is off pain killer today. Really a strong girl. She is coping well with her one arm now. Playing clay art today.

I have never expected she has grown into such a strong little girl. Really proud of her.

Initially, today I plan to upload a dtube. A lion dance video I captured on the first day of Chinese New Year at Ikea Cheras. I have been working on the uploading for almost an hour. But it's not successful. I tried it with my laptop also not successful. I am not sure whether it's my internet not strong enough or other reason. The whole video is about 16.10 minutes long. Maybe I will edit it and just show some of the clips next time. But definitely not today.

And because of this unsuccessful attempt, I have this random post. Definitely disrupted my plan.

Lastly, wishing everyone a blessed Piggy Year.





接下来,来谈谈原本我想上的视频。是我年初一在Ikea Cheras拍摄的舞狮采青。整个视频十六分钟十秒。怎么也上不了。不知道是我家WiFi信号不强,没法完整上载还是什么其他原因。但最后我真没办法了,只好投降。可能过几天剪辑一小段和大家分享吧。



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