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Jury Duty


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My roommate just left the house because she was summoned for jury duty. She has to drive an hour back to her hometown. She has to miss work and is worried that if she gets assigned to a trial she won't be able to pay bills. This is the world we live in.

I told her to say she would never convict someone. I told her to tell them that we live in a prison state, recidivism rates are high, and convicts do not get reformed. Prison is a torture chamber and it is against her religion to send people there. If it comes down to it there will be a mistrial.

Haha, the religion of nothing?

The religion of not being shitty.

Uh... Yeah... Go Home.

Seriously though, they would never let someone on a jury that said these things, yet they are perfectly reasonable things to say. The world doesn't know what justice is. They bask in the wake of revenge porn and call it justice.

Justice makes the world a better place, not worse. Justice involves forgiveness and common sense. I don't think any place in the world serves justice, least of all the United States.

I watched a documentary about a woman who was convicted of murder for killing her husband in his sleep with a hammer. The problem with that is it was a heinously abusive relationship where the woman's life was under threat for YEARS. The judge practically begged her to lie and say he was attacking her. Good and truthful people get punished the hardest.

I watched another documentary Jinx about Robert Durst. That story is kind of amazing. This guy straight up cut a body into 6 pieces and got away with it, and that's only a small slice of the story.

Bob had to double take and ask his lawyer if they actually said "not guilty".
He seriously couldn't believe it.

His brother is terrified of him. His rich family basically banished him but they still cover up everything he does to preserve the family name. Rich people willing to say anything get off scott free all the time.

And then there are the backlashes. After O.J. Simpson got off, there were several other high profile cases that were tried in the court of public opinion. My two favorite were the Peterson twins.

Just kidding, that's just my pet name for these 2 separate trials.


First off, Scott Peterson. Their's a 'new' documentary out on A&E about this called The Murder of Laci Peterson. It shows just how badly Scott was crushed by the media and not given a fair trial. Just look at the picture above. Scott's menacing face looking disdainfully at his murdered pregnant wife? Seriously, god damn.

In my mind, Scott Peterson was convicted for one reason and one reason only: because he was cheating on his wife and it leaked out in court. It also didn't help that he was completely shut down and emotionless at trial, so everyone just assumed he was guilty.

If you ask me, that's pretty fucked up. Is there a handbook that tells you how to feel and act when your pregnant wife has been murdered and everyone's saying you did it? The simple fact of the matter is this: if Scott Peterson was actually a psychotic sociopath he would of had the common sense to fake the correct emotions at trial. These kinds of people have a lifetime of practice and don't choke under the pressure.

Scott's whole family is on his side. Are they delusional? No. They have the facts. They are closer to this trial and the evidence than anyone else. Laci had confronted criminals robbing the house across the street just recently before her murder. The news leaked that Scott had been in his 'boat' and had maybe dumped the body in a certain area. What a coincidence! Shortly after Laci's torso was found in that area!

This is a reenactment of the logistics it would have taken for Scott Peterson to dump his wife's body out of his shitty little floaty thing. As you can see, it's not possible. The boat capsizes. The judge did not allow the jury to see this footage. No witnesses claim to have seen him with a body sized container in such an obviously tiny transport. No DNA of Laci Peterson was found anywhere that it shouldn't be.

The torso

The midsection of Laci Peterson was found without organs inside. That doesn't sound strange to you or me, but there are specialists in the field that claim this doesn't happen. The organs were removed.

My theory

Laci Peterson confronted the wrong criminals. She was subsequently kidnapped and eventually murdered. Her body was processed professionally by someone with both medical education and mob ties. When the news leaked that Scott was in his boat the torso was planted in the area as to take all the heat away from the case and put it onto Scott Peterson. Police would never pursue other leads (which they had many) with this much evidence pointing to the usual suspect.

Insult to injury: Here's what you see when you look at Scott Peterson's old house on Google Maps:

516 Covena Ave
Modesto, California

scott peterson house modesto.png

Merry Christmas Scott! Have fun rotting in prison for a crime you probably didn't commit. On a practical level, it doesn't even matter if he did it because this trial is a template for many others where innocent people get thrown under the bus. He was definitively not given a fair trial, and that's all that matters.

One guy got convicted of murder because he killed his girlfriend in self-defense. The prosecution convinced the jury that he fully impaled his own leg with a spear, almost dying in the process, to make it look like he was attacked. LOL! WHAT!?!?

Michael Peterson.jpeg

Michael Peterson

‘The Staircase’ is another great murder mystery. This one is extremely unique because Michael Peterson made sure the entire affair was a documentary from start to finish. You get to see the whole thing from his and his family's perspective.

Michael Peterson found his wife at the foot of the stairs. There was blood everywhere. He calls the police and tells them there has been a horrible accident... my wife fell down the stairs... yada yada yada.

Michael Peterson has a very bad reputation with the police department. I think he's likable, but to many he comes off as an arrogant and smug writer. Personally, I don't see it, but the point is he talked major shit about the police department a few times. He was also present during the death of another person falling down stairs! Ouch... that is incredibly bad luck, assuming he isn't guilty.

peterson blood stairs.jpg

Polarization of the defense vs prosecution

The prosecution really clung on to Michael Peterson's statement about his wife falling down the stairs. It basically turned into a ridiculous argument where either she fell down the stairs or Mike killed her, as if nothing else could have possibly happened.

The police bungled this investigation at every turn but still managed to get a conviction. For one, Kathleen's injuries made very little sense. I'll spare you a real picture of her mauled head, but basically her wounds were not consistent with any kind of blunt force compression.

Kathleen Peterson.jpg

She died from blood loss, and all the wounds were relatively shallow and superficial in nature. Neither the defense's story (fall down stairs), nor the prosecution's story (death by plow poke) made any sense. Yet, both sides kept trying to push their nonsensical narrative because it was the best they could come up with.

Incredible incompetence from prosecution.

There are multiple pictures of side-by-side blood spatter pictures offered by police. One set of pictures looks normal. The other set looks like it's been wiped. Blood (all liquid) dries at the edges first, so when you wipe it the blood in the middle wipes off first. Therefore, one set of the pictures makes it look like Mike was trying to clean up the crime scene, and one doesn't. The prosecution claimed this was "a glitch".

Can you fucking believe that? The cops wiped the blood and took before and after pictures! Then they called it a camera glitch! That alone is enough to get someone off on a technicality.

The thing that always bothered me is they kept showing the jury how fucked up Kathleen's skull/scalp was. This was not a fall down the stairs. This was not a fall down the stairs. This was not a fall down the stairs. Yeah, we get it... it wasn't a fall down the stairs. Doesn't mean he did it.

In addition, where are the pictures of her head before they shaved it to show the graphic wounds? These pictures were never taken, and no one mentions this but me... this is destruction of evidence, because a new theory comes out later where pictures like this could have been very useful. Did hair get ripped out of her scalp by a sharp object? We will never know.

blow poke.jpg

This is the "murder weapon". A blow poke is a hollow metal rod you can use to breathe life into a fire. Even though it's metal it doesn't weight very much, and even though it has that wickedly sharp triangular shaped piece at the end, the prosecution never makes the claim that it was scraped across the skull because that would be totally inconsistent with evidence.

There is a reason why prosecutors picked this weapon. They get the advantage of choosing something that looked like it could have caused the injuries while at the same time admitting that it didn't happen that way. This kind of psychological warfare against juries is quite common.

Oh, did i mention that the defense found the missing blow-poke a year later (shown above) in the defendants garage covered in spiderwebs and rust? They presented this to the court and played right into the prosecution's hand. The cops had already found the blow poke and left it there on purpose, so the jury just felt like the defense was trying to play a trick on them presenting critical evidence at the last second. Seriously, jurors are fools.

Michael Peterson went to prison for two reasons:


The first reason is this incompetent shill, Duane Deaver. Duane is the worst of the worst; a blood spatter analyst who likely convicted dozens of innocent people (including spear-through-the-leg guy). His incompetence is legendary. I wish I could find the video of it from the documentary, but this guy recreates the blood spatter pattern at the crime scene by tapping fake blood with a blow poke using only the muscles in his wrist. Yeah, that's how she died, being tapped to death. This was a big inconsistency in the way she died, because there wasn't a lot of room in the staircase to swing a weapon.

This guy is notorious for claiming to be an expert and then bending the evidence as best he can in the prosecution's favor. When he finally get's fired for complete incompetence Mike very begrudgingly takes a plea deal for time served and gets out of prison. So now, on paper, it looks like the district attorney did a good job by convicting a guilty murderer when in fact the judicial system is completely broken.

The raptor

Very surprisingly, the theory that makes the most sense is that Kathleen was attacked by a very large bird of prey like an owl. People have come forward and claim that events like this happen and victims can come close to death. The sharp talons of an owl actually look like the wounds on the head, and they are consistent with being sharp but also uneven while having no blunt force associated with them because owls don't weigh that much.

The blood spatter at the scene makes it obvious that Kathleen was floundering and slipping and falling in her own blood over a sustained period of time. She had been drinking which made her uncoordinated and unable to defend herself. She was also prone to being clumsy without alcohol involved.


Just like Scott Peterson, Michael Peterson was judged in the court of public opinion. He was Bisexual and had intimate encounters with men. He was a very closeted individual in this way, and he says Kathleen knew about it all, but there is little evidence to sustain that claim. Michael Peterson would probably not have been convicted today as people are more "woke" or whathaveyou. It didn't help that the trial was located in North Carolina.

lie detector.jpg

Lie detectors

On a side note, if you're ever asked to take a lie detector test, you say "no". These things are 60% accurate, which is basically the same thing as saying they are 0% accurate. If they were zero percent accurate they would actually be 100% accurate because you'd just flip the answer. 50% accurate is worthless, so 60% is very near worthless. These things are self-incriminating doom traps that cops will use against you in any way they can.

At the same time, you can't say "no" because then they'll use that against you, so you basically have to know the truth and say something like, "Those aren't accurate. It's a pointless test that can incriminate me."

A polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector test, is a device or procedure that measures and records several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while a person is asked and answers a series of questions.

So basically this thing is an archaic medical device mascaraing as a thing that can measure truth. If you pass the test cops know not to trust it, and if you don't pass they use it to throw you under the bus. How does one defeat a lie detector?

All bodies are different, so a polygraph must be calibrated to your body. While they are calibrating the machine to you simply stress yourself out as much as you can. Take short and shallow breaths, think bad thoughts of going to prison, bite your lip, clench your sphincter, try to elevate your heart rate if possible, etc, etc. Once the machine has been calibrated to this state you calm yourself down and answer all the questions while taking deep breaths and believing the lies you are telling. Any pathological lair can defeat a polygraph without even trying. You don't think about the truthful answer, you think about the correct answer as it pertains to your freedom.

oj simpson.jpg

The general consensus of public opinion thinks it's obvious that O.J. Simpson killed his wife. Just look at the evidence! However, none of the evidence can be trusted because it was collected by the most untrustworthy police force I have ever seen. The cops in Los Angeles are dirty as fuck. I've lived most my life thinking O.J. was so so obviously guilty, but now I realize, the same as Scott Peterson, I think O.J. is guilty because of his personality, not because of the evidence presented against him.

Seriously, it is the professional job of police and prosecution to bend the truth as much is allowed to get a conviction. Proving that someone did a bad thing is very difficult, and they justify their behavior because it is mandated from the top and "bad people are getting away with it."

The number of innocent people that get sent to jail is staggering. "Beyond a reasonable doubt," means nothing. Every case is judged by a group of people who have no idea how the law is supposed to work. They are told how it works by professional lawyers that have exact opposite goals and are expected to figure it out within a short period of time under maximally allowed manipulation tactics.

torture chamber.jpg

None of this would matter if prison wasn't a torture chamber. We send people there with a self-righteous attitude and exclaim, "Haha! You deserve it." Yet the people most deserving of it either don't get sent there or go to 'white-collar' prison and play tennis.

It wouldn't matter if innocent people went to prison if they were afforded opportunity while inside those walls. Imagine if you could get a computer science degree in prison. The hard truth of the matter is that prisoners are slaves with no rights. Property of the state, and they are used as cattle to funnel your tax dollars into a for-profit business. Then citizens have the audacity to say, "My tax dollars pay for that!" in reference to food stamps in the face of infinite war, slavery, and terrorism. OMG, wake up from the Matrix already.


I have never voted. I will never vote. Voting gives legitimacy to the system and it has none. I am very annoyed right now because one of my roommates basically tricked me into registering to vote because I resonate on an extremely left-wing frequency. But you know what? Fuck that guns are awesome, I can make my own decisions I don't need a platform to decide for me.

My memory is a bit hazy on the topic, but then I received that bullshit confirmation in the mail.

I haven't been summoned to jury duty for a decade. That is something that happens when you register. At first, I ignored all my summons... so many summons. My dad told me that I could claim I never got them because I never signed for them. My dad is a bullshitter and other people who actually work in the industry have told me otherwise... but I've never had any problems ignoring the call.

A month or so ago I received a summons. Extremely annoyed I walked into my backyard with a lighter.


Do you think I'm a cool kid now?
I hope so.

Just kidding, never happened. I would never do anything illegal.
I would certainly never admit to it like a tool.


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