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No Matter What, Have a Good REPUTATION


5 months agoeSteem2 min read


This won't be a long one, I promise... Lol! I once heard a saying that a good name is better than riches. I would have to agree with that after what happened to me yesterday between myself and my former boss where I used to work.

I was once a pump attendant in one of the biggest fueling stations in the country, TOTAL! and while I was there, I was very upright and sincere. In a very short time, the manager of the station began to like me and he always wants to discuss with me. In a very short while, we became very good friends but one thing I never did was to take advantage of the fact that I was liked specially by the manager and start misbehaving, instead I kept my cool and charisma. He began trusting me with some amount of money to keep for him. After a while, he increased the amounts and they were huge amounts I must say but just the way I was given the money, that was the same way I handed it over, compared to other workers that love telling stories when such things are in their care. I distinguished myself from the rest because I love my name and reputation.


It's been months I stopped working there, and just yesterday he called me up to meet him at the mall and bought me lunch. We had a swell time discussing and he began telling me of some business opportunities that were available and that he would want me to take advantage of them. One thing he said that struck me was

Your Reputation is part of the reason I called you out today because you kept a good name for yourself while you worked with me!


These words stayed with me all through the night as I meditated on them and that's the reason for this post!

Have a good Reputation always and Thanks for reading!

P. S ; I don't know why the pictures are turned the other way!


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