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🌍 Global Steem Village News #10: This week from the ecoTrain community


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Consolidating our energy towards a global network of steem-based eco-communities is a clear priority for @ecotrain. We deliberately and consciously curate those posts which speak to the issues, challenges and needs of the emerging steem eco-communities around the world.

GREAT content this week - here are some of the gems, eco-green wisdom & insight shared under the #ecotrain tag this week on the steem blockchain. Even if you don't have VP or RC to upvote, a meaningful comment is usually upvoted by a smart author, so please go and lavish your appreciation and engagement on this great content.

We truly are an amazing global community - and growing with new contributors every week!! If you want to help @ecotrain give juicier upvotes, please delegate or increase your delegation if you can. It matters! You loaning us your steem to make more money for you? Bit of a no-brainer, really!

@ecotrain is a artisan-hand-curated community built around the concept of gift economy and actively making our world a better place. We engage around sustainability, eco-green, permaculture, the glories of Mother Earth, inner transformation, alternative energy, earthships & earth building, recycling - in short, all the practical and conceptual underpinnings of paradigm shift.

Each week @eco-alex and @artemislives scour the steemit blockchain for people using the tag, and upvote-comment-curate in the best way they know how.


Upvote this eco-community curation and our featured posts if you can. Comment, resteem this curation and a few of the posts. Follow, engage and enjoy.


What Is EcoVillage Coin? What Makes it Different? The Investment Model. Now Is The Time To Buy

The ECO token will fund the manifestation of ecoVillage - the first one in Portugal with land already secured. With each ECO token already holding a value of 4 steem, this is not another junk token worth 0.0005 with gerzillions being flung from the rooftops every time you post. You have to BUY this token. Understanding the investment model and how it's different is important, as this token is raising the capital - and creating ROI - for the first Steem-based natural-giving-economy in Portugal. @eco-alex takes us through the features of the ECO coin, and invites us to be investors in the first of a global web of steem-based eco-villages.

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Our Anniversitree
Screenshot 221.png

The first tree has been planted on the land in Portugal - fittingly it is a pomegranate, symbolizing wealth, abundance and fruitfulness. @orlev shows us how family and private celebrations become the underpinnings of community in his sweet video.

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EcoVillage Healing Dance Festival Fundraiser

So how will the first ecoVillage in Portugal create ROI for ECO coin investors? By buying back limited releases of coins through value they create. What will the use for that buy back process> The proceeds from creative community initiatives. The Healing Dance Festival is the first money-raising IRL event to start that process!! @eco-alex gets his groove on and shares an exciting first community revenue generator for the eco-Village.

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Turning Seeds Into Steem Via The Homesteaders Coop

STEEM as a viable medium of exchange for sustainable off-grid living? @papa-pepper and all the pepper family are showing us HOW IT'S DONE. Congratulations to the Peppers for making their first $1,000!!! and to all of the @homesteaderscoop community for AWESOME work turning seeds into steem, and funding alternative, eco-green families and communities.

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Touring A Suburban Gardening Community

A network of gardens and eco-conscious people spread through an Australian suburb is a different type of eco-community. A little more spread out, if you will, and more loosely defined. @minismallholding shows us one of these community gardens and reflects on eco-community where she is at. It's enough to start where we are, with what we've got.

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Seeds Of Community: Transitioning From Steem to IRL & from IRL to Steem

Steem-based eco-communities first need you to actually meet some like-minded Steem peeps. IRL. LOL. @artemislives (having successfully and happily popped her IRL steem meeting by hosting a previously-only-met-online @eco-alex as an IRL houseguest at her home in Thailand) decided to brave the event in Chiang Mai, and meet some MORE steem people. New community starts here, with that first meeting around shared values and shared interests. Do we have events in our future around the globe?

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Our last Question of the Week about How Centralization Has Failed Us was HUGE!!! And particularly relevant to ultra-decentralized communities. If you missed the tie-up post and the announcement for the lucky winners, here it is:

Ecotrain QOTW Tie-Up: Find Out Who Won a Share of 100 Steem: In What Ways Has Centralisation Failed Us?

Congratulations to @geke @stortebeker @porters @trucklife-family @olivia08 and @zeleiracordero And MUCH GRATITUDE to everyone who contributed, engaged, upvoted, commented and resteemed. Our back-room champions. :)

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