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What is ecoVillage Coin, what makes it different, the investment model, Is now the best time to buy?


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The ecoVillage coin has been available on Steem-engine for a few weeks now! Despite it looking a lot like most of the other coins listed, it is in fact quite different! Now the ecoVillage vision is maturing I am ready to explain what this coin is, and why it is actually an investment model rather than a token that is awarded via curating. We are not a Tribe on Steem, but we are a tribe of people who are working hard to manifest a new paradigm called ecoVillage and an ultra-sustainable building and living model.

The economics of the ecoVillage coin are very different to Steem, and Tribe tokens in general. ecoVillage coin has a limited supply of 1,000,000 Coins. We will never make more, and you can not get them for free. You have to buy them from ecoVillage, either by sending me STEEM or FIAT or buying via steem-engine. There is no inflation of ecoVillage coin supply, and as the coin is bought up, the supply will decrease and put pressure on the price to increase. Since most investors are buying to gain a return on investment, they are also going to sell at higher prices on the open market.

The initial offering of the first 10,000 tokens is at 4 Steem (apx $0.60) per token. Once the first 10,000 tokens are sold the price per token will increase to $0.80 until we sell 100,000 tokens. After that point the final tokens will be sold at $1.00 per token, after which time the market will decide the price. There will be a continued buy back of tokens from ecoVillage from profits raised from events, and from the sale of goods and services produced by the community. This buy back will give a guaranteed return to investors, as we assure demand and will pay market prices. The risk factors are low and are discussed below.

What Are You Supporting?

When you buy ecoVillage coin you are not only investing in our future, and our success, you are also supporting the creation of a new paradigm project and community that is focused on solving the many problems that systems centralized of power and money have brought us. The ecoVillage approach is ultra- decentralized, and having our own currency is an important part of this. ecoVillage will demonstrate that it is possible to live in complete harmony with our environment, our neighbours, and our world, and achieve great abundance and freedom in small communities that thrive and are completely off-grid and self sufficient.

We have developed a model based on natural giving, and earthship biotecture that can deliver a lifetime of comfort with no bills and no costs to purchase land. Thanks to @orlev we have secured the land in Portugal, and so we have been able to initiate this project at almost no cost. We are in the process of assembling a powerful team of experienced and passionate people who are completely on board with this vision, and ready to donate their time and their lives to the ecoVillages project.

The Healing Dance Festival Fundraiser

At this early stage, we are working on a fundraiser event to help us to get the ecoVillage project off the ground! We need your support to help us create an amazing event, that can then be held regularly to help us raise more funds for the build process. We are already offering land for free, labour and skilled help at no cost, but we also want to subsidize the entire build as far as possible so that we can make it as low cost as possible for anyone who wishes to join us. Our aim is to be able to provide self sufficient earthship homes for far less than $50,000USD, including land and a lifetime without bills or heating costs.

Once the community is established we will produce various goods and services. Events such as the Healing Dance Festival are ones that can help the entire project gain a lot of traction, as well as income. These events would bring the community together, and provide a funnel through which most if not all of our skills and produce can be sold to friends and guests who attend. The ecoVillage will hold 50% of the profits from all such events and use these profits to buy back ecoVillage coin from investors on an on going basis. As the ecoVillage expands, so do the profits and diversity of our offerings.

There are many more acres of land around our location in Portugal, and so expansion is very convenient and easy to do. The ecoVillage model will also expand around other locations in Portugal and around the world. Those who wish to join us will get our support and help us spread this new paradigm model far and wide.

Now is the best time to buy because the price is so low. This low price does also reflect the risk factor, and right now you are an early adopters in this vision. We still have a LOT of work to do, but we are all completely determined to achieve our goals. Nevertheless, we can not be sure that everything with align and work out. The risk factor is almost exclusively on us completing our first event rather than the whole ecoVillage! Also, the overall risk is lower now since we have land secured, and we have a very achievable initial goal. Profits from The Dance Festival will be used to buy back ecoVillage coin from you in the short term at a price that the market determines.

The longer you wait, the higher the gains should be! Since we have set up all the market forces to push the price ever higher, you can expect the price to only go up. Since no one gets these tokens for free, you can not earn them via posting, they have more value. People who buy them want to sell them for more than they bought them for, and ecoVillage will buy back for more as soon as we finish our first event, hopefully in mid-2020. Essentially we are investing in ourselves by selling you ecoVillage coin!

Easiest Way To Buy ecoVillage Coin

If you understand the need and urgency of this project, please buy ecoVillage coin today as a show of support! The easiest way to buy is to simply send me (@eco-alex) any amount of Steem and I will send you back the equivalent number of ecoVillage coins straight to your wallet! No trading necessary, they will just appear in your wallet ready to HODL! Please only send whole numbers of Steem with a minimum of 5 Steem. Current price is set to $0.60 per token until 10,000 Tokens are sold.


Alternatively if you prefer to buy on Steem-engine you can do so here:

Thank you so much for your support! IT means the world to us, because we really need your help to manifest such an amazing and game changing project. I believe we will succeed together, after 20 years in this movement it feels to me like people are ready for this change, there are enough of us who want to live in a world that reflects our learned wisdom, technology, and time. We are now on the precipice of 2020, the future as any book told us about. Let's start the future together, smiling!


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